Manufacturers Council tours the “Wrinkled Tin Factory”

One of the main reasons our Manufacturers Council presents facility tours is to provide Partnership members with the opportunity to share best practices in their industry.

We highlight exemplary facilities from around the region with the hopes of creating tangible value and insights that member companies can apply to their businesses, such as information on policies, a new machining process or new business connection.

New report recognizes opportunity to improve Buffalo schools

StudentsFirstNY, a statewide education advocacy organization, and TNTP, a national nonprofit committed to ending the injustice of educational inequality, joined us yesterday to announce the release of a new report that we are proud to endorse.

Jenny Sedlis (Executive Director of StudentsFirstNY)

The report, titled The Next Buffalo Teachers Contract: An Opportunity to Support Great Teaching & Student Learning, outlines a series of recommendations to improve upon teaching and learning through the Buffalo School District’s teacher contract negotiations.