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Business Solutions

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Expert Support and Resources

The Partnership’s Business Solutions Program is designed to provide an immediate – and substantial – impact on your organization.  As a member, you have access to Cost Savings and Risk Reduction Options which can add a net positive to your bottom line. With a wide variety of options available, let us connect you in with the right business solutions!

Take time to review some of the options that are available through our partners:

Health Insurance
Human Resources
Payroll and Finance

Access this FREE essentials kit, containing important form templates, HR best practices, key policies, and more, to make HR a little easier.

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Let us connect you with an HR Expert TODAY

The BNP and its partners allow WNY businesses of all sizes to take advantage of programs, benefits, and services that you might not otherwise be able to access.

Your business can benefit from an all-in-one solution for HR and payroll services or choose the a la carte options that best suit your needs.  Let the BNP connect you with the perfect cost AND time-saving program.

Ready to simplify your administration and increase employee satisfaction?

We invite you to tell us about your business, your pain points, and where you believe you need help.  We’ll also ask you some basic questions about your company.  We’ll review this information to direct you to the program that would best serve your needs.

Looking for more information?
Contact Liz Benkovich – | 716.541.1759