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Industry Dashboards

Workforce Development Data in Western New York

Buffalo Niagara Partnership's Industry Dashboards are designed to track key indicators of several leading regional sectors to help inform Buffalo Niagar's economic development and talent retention and attraction efforts.

BNP's Industry Dashboards deliver employers, workforce development leaders, and policymakers easily accessible and real-time insights into critical metrics and trends. This information is central to addressing current challenges, planning for future opportunities, and implementing targeted strategies to attract investment, build talent pipelines, and bolster economic growth.

For Buffalo Niagara to thrive, it is crucial to have a workforce that aligns with the needs of its leading industries. The dashboards can highlight where there are talent gaps or surpluses. Educational institutions, policymakers, and businesses can use this data to tailor their decision making, and ensure that whether it's through tax incentives, infrastructural development, or educational reforms, the data can guide decisions that have long-term impacts on the region's economic health.

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Industry Dashboards

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