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Navigating the Future of Healthcare: The BNP Healthcare & Human Services Industry Leaders Forum

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March 10, 2023

How can Buffalo Niagara health and human service providers simultaneously navigate fiscal difficulties, changing regulations and talent challenges?

The March 2 Healthcare & Human Services Industry Leaders Forum (ILF) brought a wide range of organizations together to discuss this pressing and complex question.




Key Healthcare & Human Services ILF Topics

Balancing Employment Opportunities & Pending Retirements

The Healthcare & Human Services Data Dashboard

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment in healthcare occupations is projected to grow 13 percent by 2031, significantly outpacing all other sectors. While healthcare opportunities are increasing, Buffalo Niagara employers in the field face current staffing shortages and a large number of retirements looming. Clearly, expanded workforce attraction and retention efforts are needed.

The Healthcare & Human Services ILF focused on accessible workforce development resources that sector employers can use today and in the future. BNP staff provided members with Employ Buffalo Niagara tools designed to build talent pipelines for employers and career pathways for job seekers, with a specific focus on the Benefits Cliff Calculator.

Employ Buffalo Niagara offers multiple workforce development programs. In different ways, these programs all work to create sustainable solutions for barriers to employment, upskilling low-wage earners and preparing job seekers to meet companies’ evolving expectations. Learn more:

Stephanie Peete, Director of Workforce Development for Say Yes Buffalo, also provided details on the CareerWise Greater Buffalo Youth Apprenticeship Program, which connects local students to rewarding career opportunities through a multi-year program. Learn more about the CareerWise Greater Buffalo Youth Apprenticeship Program here.

Understanding New Regulations:

Matt Babcock (Senior Counsel) and Rob Breitenbach (Healthcare Industry Team Leader) from Harris Beach, PLLC presented information about the Office of the Medical Inspector General’s new compliance regulations and the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed ban on non-compete clauses. Both announcements have a direct impact on the entire healthcare and human services industry.

The BNP Healthcare & Human Services will continue to assist member companies navigate the new compliance and reporting structures as well as details of required non-complete clauses. Learn more about the new BNP Industry Leaders Forum here.

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