Buffalo Niagara: access and affordability of air travel

There are several reasons why Buffalo Niagara is in the midst of an economic resurgence. A foundational pillar to our long-term economic prosperity lies across the river — Canada.

In 2011, Visit Buffalo Niagara researched the impact of Canadian shoppers on the WNY economy and found nearly 1 billion dollars in spending in shopping and related expenditures! That’s the equivalent a new Buffalo Billion every year.

The region weathered the economic recession largely on the infusion of spending and its indirect employment benefit from our neighbors to the north.

If you shop, it’s easy to see the spending flowing into our economy. However, there are many other economic benefits that are less visible – like the access and affordability of air travel we enjoy here.

Canadian patronage of our airports (2 million of the 5 million passengers/40 percent of airport travelers) provides better, and more economical, air service than most cities our size in the country.

airport blog2In the five-year period following the economic downturn in 2008, hardest hit were the nation’s 35 midsize airports, where carriers cut 26 percent of their scheduled flights.

The Buffalo airport, which is one of the midsize airports, lost only 6 percent over that period, and Niagara Falls went from an airport without any significant air service to handling over 650 flights in 2013.

Last month’s exciting news that Sunwing Airlines will start the region’s first scheduled international flights in over a decade bodes well for the future.

…not to mention making it easier to get a tan in January by being able to fly directly to Cancun and Punta Cana from Buffalo.

(Full disclosure –my husband Pascal Cohen is the senior manager of aviation marketing for the airports.)

Just last week, Buffalo Niagara Partnership staffers joined the NFTA’s media event in Toronto.

airport blog 3

L>R: Pascal Cohen (Pascal Cohen, A.A.E. Senior Manager of Marketing & Aviation Business Development Buffalo Niagara Int’l Airport (BUF) & Niagara Falls Int’l Airport (IAG),) Dottie Gallagher-Cohen, Bryan Roth, Laura Smith and Dan Leonard

Within hours, stories and blogs reported on the benefits that Canadians realize when flying from our region’s airports.

My favorite was a CTV television story which included Canadian testimonials taken at the Buffalo Airport.

The stories validated that Canadians save time and money by flying from Buffalo.

After you read this Toronto Star story, it will be no mystery to you as to why so many new hotels have popped up across the street from the Airport.

The NFTA, to their credit, is investing wisely in getting this message out with a television campaign starting next month in Toronto.

More Canadians traveling to and from Buffalo Niagara means greater economic benefit to our region.

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One Region Forward calls for input on Final draft plan

One Region Forward, the effort to foster a more sustainable, livable Buffalo Niagara for the 21st Century, has recently released its Final Draft Plan: A New Way to Plan for Buffalo Niagara.

From now until November 6, One Region Forward is asking the community to provide their feedback on the draft, to ultimately be included in the Final Plan which will be released in January 2015.

One RF logoThe Regional Plan for Sustainable Development draft synthesizes almost three years of research, community outreach, collaboration and planning that has been conducted through the One Region Forward effort.

It serves as a tool that decision-makers and community members can use to learn about different approaches for fostering regional collaboration on initiatives to increase the sustainability of Buffalo Niagara.

one region forward draft planWe encourage you to check out the draft to find out how the region currently rates on several sustainability indicators based on the latest data, as well as how thousands of residents throughout Buffalo Niagara think we should either continue these trends or reverse them.

The plan is the result of nearly three years of identifying the public’s vision for our future region, leveraging Buffalo Niagara’s strong planning base, analyzing and collecting regional data, producing innovative ideas to increase our region’s sustainability, and determining strategies to turn these ideas into action.

The plan also discusses how Buffalo Niagara’s story is changing, from an old “rust belt” to an evolving region that is reinventing itself in order to meet the economic, demographic and environmental challenges of the 21st Century.

It’s the story of an old city retooling itself through new people, ideas and ways of collaborating to re-imagine the way we use our land, get around, provide quality affordable housing, secure our food supply, and prepare for the challenges of climate change.

Most importantly, the plan is the product of extensive community engagement, conducted at each stage of the planning process.

one region forward process

Planning process

As a result of this process, Five Big Ideas to Move One Region Forward have been developed.

These ideas, which have been consistently expressed by community members, are:

  1. Create great places and a thriving economy through efficient land use
  2. Connect our places by expanding and diversifying our transportation options
  3. Provide housing choices in neighborhoods that are great places to live
  4. Strengthen our food systems for a healthier population and economy
  5. Conserve energy, promote renewables and prepare for the impacts of climate change

A team of more than 100 subject matter experts, in partnership with residents, have outlined specific and practical actions to ensure that these ideas are realized in an effective and timely manner.

But now, One Region Forward wants to hear what you think we need to do to become a more sustainable and viable region, and how to do this.

You can read the full Final Draft Plan in booklet form, or download it to print it in single-page format.

Please submit your comments by November 6 by emailing or writing to:

UB Regional Institute
Attn: 1RF Final Draft Plan Comments
77 Goodell Street, Suite 302
Buffalo, NY 14023

For more information about the One Region Forward effort and how you can get involved today, click here.

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Member Spotlight: Gunther Mele Packaging

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership represents nearly 2,000 members and a quarter of a million employees in the Buffalo Niagara region.

To celebrate our members and their accomplishments, we have started a Member Spotlight blog series.

This month, we are proud to recognize and celebrate a company that is actively involved in our CanAm Council, Gunther Mele Packaging.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ken Saeckl, Chief Operating Officer, to learn more about what Gunther Mele Packaging does and why they’re happy to be a member of the Partnership.

Q: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, Ken. While I know that Gunther Mele Packaging is a leader in the retail packaging industry, I would like to learn more about the history and mission of the organization.

Gunther Mele Ken Saeckl shot

Ken Saeckl, C.O.O

A: Thank you, Julia, for the opportunity to share. We are proud of the fact that the company was founded in 1857, under the original name of E&A Gunther Company. The original business focused solely on the retail jewelry trade and used the tagline of “Providing everything for the jeweler except the jewelry.”

Today, we are known as Gunther Mele Packaging and we continue to provide complete packaging and display solutions to jewelry retailers and manufacturers. However, we also sell through all other channels of retail including gifts, apparel, wine and spirits, confectionery and beauty.

Branding has become the way for retailers to distinguish themselves in this competitive environment and our mission is to partner with retailers and manufacturers that realize the importance that their packaging can have on a brand’s success.

We have a talented team that works with our customers to provide beautiful and functional, branded packaging that defines their brand image and conveys their brand message. One of our more current taglines, and one of my personal favorites, is: “Packaging Speaks, what would you like yours to say?”

Q: That’s a great tagline. So, I know that you recently joined the Partnership in 2013. What inspired you to become a member? 

A: We were inspired by what we saw as the numerous potential benefits, particularly with respect to issues related to operating businesses in both Canada and the U.S.

Gunther Mele logoWhile we have only been a member for a year, we just renewed last month, as we have found a lot of value in our membership.

Q: I’m happy to hear that! Since joining as a member of the Partnership, what specific benefits have you received or experienced?

A: As a business that operates in both Canada and the U.S., we have found wonderful resources in the Partnership to assist us with human resources, insurance, cross-border trade issues, cross-border immigration issues and cross-border taxation issues, to name a few.

In particular, the CanAm council has been a great resource for making relevant connections to assist us in many of our cross-border issues.

In fact, I’ve been so impressed with what the CanAm council has to offer, that I have accepted the role of Co-Chair of the council and am working with them to increase membership which will in turn, increase the value of the Council’s offerings.

gunther mele packaging2Q: I’m excited to hear of your involvement with the CanAm council, as many of our members find it to be very beneficial for their cross-border operations. What current challenges or opportunities does Gunther Mele Packaging face that you think the Partnership might be able to play a role in?

A: We engage in a lot of cross-border transactions and in the past several years, we have had some specific challenges in dealing with one specific governmental agency, who will remain nameless.

As we continue to work with that agency to resolve one final significant issue that we have, we know that the resources available from the council and Partnership members are there for us to draw on.

Q: It’s great to hear how knowledgeable you are of the resources we offer. So, have you had any recent accomplishments that you’d like the community to be aware of?

A: Over the past couple of years, we transitioned our Buffalo, NY sales office from a world-war era rudimentary building to professional office space on Millersport Highway in Amherst.

The new space much better reflects the professionalism that our entire team works with, and allows us to meet with potential customers in a welcoming setting.

Gunther Mele building

Gunther Mele’s new offices

As a company, we receive a lot of donation requests. However, we have chosen to focus on worthwhile causes that focus on children, particularly those that are located within close proximity to any of our locations.

I am particularly proud of our employee-led initiatives to hold monthly coffee breaks for charity. Each month, two or three employees choose a charity, put together a home-made basket of goods and serve them with coffee and tea over a morning coffee break.

All proceeds go to the charity of their choice, and I think the initiative says a lot about the caliber of team members that we are fortunate to have working with us.

Speaking of our team members, earlier this year we celebrated the 65 year anniversary of one of our employees! While the wonderful lady (pictured below) has reduced her working hours to three days a week, after 65 years of service she still has no desire to retire.

Q: That’s remarkable. I’m sure that your culture plays a big role in her desire to continue working. It’s also great to hear that you provide your employees with opportunities to support charities that are meaningful to them.

A: Thank you.

Gunther Mele photo1

Left to right: Gail Darling (HR Administrator,) Yvonne Gard (65-year employee) and Darrell King (President & CEO)

Q: Are there any other current opportunities for employment or involvement with Gunther Mele Packaging?

A: We are always on the look out for exceptional people with a genuine interest in working with us.

Currently, we are in the process of continuing to expand our Buffalo office and we have a specific opening for another internal sales representative to join our team.

Q: What are you most looking forward to benefiting from as a member of the Partnership in the upcoming year?

A: Personally, I’m looking forward to continuing my role as Co-Chair of the CanAm Council with the goal of working towards building council membership.

I know that my continued work with the council and the Partnership will provide me with additional, valuable contacts and information that will assist both myself and Gunther Mele Packaging with business issues into the future.

Interested in being a part of our Member Spotlight blog series? Contact our Content Marketing Specialist, Julia Jornsay-Silverberg.

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The Partnership announces 2014 election endorsements

On Wednesday, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership announced their full list of bipartisan endorsements for the 2014 November elections.

Earlier in the campaign season, the Partnership issued endorsements for Senator Mark Grisanti and Assemblymember Crystal Peoples-Stokes in the primary campaigns.

DGC blog sept 5

Peoples-Stokes (third in from right) joins President & CEO Dottie Gallagher-Cohen (far right) at the Unshackle Upstate New E.R.A. press conference

The Partnership also proudly endorsed Governor Andrew Cuomo for re-election along with Buffalo-native Kathy Hochul for Lieutenant Governor.

Additionally, the Partnership endorsed the following candidates:

United States House of Representatives:

  • 26th District – Congressman Brian Higgins
  • 27th District – Congressman Chris Collins

New York State Senate:

  • 59th Senate District – Senator Patrick Gallivan
  • 61st Senate District – Senator Michael Ranzenhofer
  • 62nd Senate District – Rob Ortt

New York State Assembly:

  • 140th Assembly District – Assemblyman Robin Schimminger
  • 143rd Assembly District – Angela Wozniak
  • 144th Assembly District – Assemblymember Jane Corwin
  • 146th Assembly District – Assemblyman Raymond Walter

Erie County:

  • Erie County Clerk – Chris Jacobs

I previously blogged about the Partnership’s focus on maintaining GOP/Upstate control of the New York state Senate, and that has held true beyond Primary Day. 

Along with our endorsements of our local GOP Senate slate, including Rob Ortt in the 62nd District, the Partnership also supported GOP Senate candidates across Upstate via its PAC, the Committee for Economic Growth.

We are confident that, given the efforts of the candidates we support along with the efforts of the collective Upstate business community, the Senate will continue to be our stop gap against the anti-employer, tax-and-spend policies from New York City we often have to combat.

“The Partnership engages in political action that supports economic development for the Buffalo Niagara region. We examine each individual race to assess whether or not we should be involved, and which races require our engagement. We feel that the candidates whom we are endorsing support our business advocacy agendas and having those individuals in office will continue the exciting momentum our region is embracing,” said our President & CEO Dottie Gallagher-Cohen.

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New York–Canada Summit discusses the issues

Earlier this month, City & State, the only media company devoted solely to covering government and politics, launched its Buffalo bureau to provide in-depth coverage of political and policy issues that are relevant to Buffalo and Western New York.

On October 16, in collaboration with the Partnership, City & State hosted a New York-Canada Summit that highlighted the importance of cultivating and maintaining a strong, efficient border relationship to support and expand New York and Canada’s $32.2 billion bilateral trade network.

City and state panel

Left to right: Moderator Jonathan Lentz (City & State,) Bryan Roth (Buffalo Niagara Partnership,) Jeff Walters (Canada Border Services Agency,) Rose Hilmey (U.S. Customs & Border Protection,) Lew Holloway (Niagara Falls Bridge Commission,) Sam Hoyt (ESD & Board Chair, Buffalo & Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority)

The event brought together government and business stakeholders from both sides of the border to discuss how public-private partnerships and collaboration can benefit New Yorkers and Canadians.

I participated on a ‘Shipping and Trucking on the NY-Canada Border’ panel as well as a ‘Trade, Security and Infrastructure’ panel.

In representing the Partnership, and specifically the CanAm Council, it was important to express the viewpoints of the business community that truly understands the tremendous impact that the border and our relationship with Canada has on our regional economy.

For more information, I encourage you to read the City & State article about the summit.

To learn more about the efforts of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership and the CanAm Council, contact me.

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Supporting a CTE pathway

As the skills gap across the nation continues to grow, many students are unprepared and ill-equipped with the skills needed to succeed in college and the workforce.

Too many students graduate from high school unprepared the workforce, leaving employers without a pipeline of qualified job candidates.

The New York State Board of Regents recently approved a new Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway for students to graduate with a Regents diploma.

staub tour oct 16 students

Students from Lakeshore’s tech class “Exploring manufacturing with DiDi WNY” took a tour of Staub Additive to learn about additive manufacturing.

We strongly support the adoption of this plan, which we believe will create an important new option for success for high school students in New York.

This alternative yet equally rigorous pathway to a high school diploma will create a much needed talent pipeline for our members by addressing the following needs:

  • Preservation of high educational standards that are aligned with industry needs
  • Input from the business community in program development
  • Emphasis on meeting labor market needs, especially in STEM fields
  • A work-readiness component that incorporates academic, technical and employ-ability skills (e.g. working in groups, critical thinking)

The CTE pathway would allow businesses to find the qualified employees they need right out of high school.

Considering that New York is facing a jobs skills gap in many of our key industries, we should be doing all that we can to help our students succeed after graduation. Providing them the option to substitute one of their Regents courses for a CTE assessment would be a step forward in that direction.

A CTE pathway is exactly what students in New York need, and we look forward to the adoption of this important and necessary plan.

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Merging the Logistics and Transportation councils

The 2014-15 council season for the Partnership brings both changes and improvements as we aim to strengthen our efforts to engage our members more effectively and efficiently.

The most significant change among our councils is the recent merging of the Logistics and Transportation Councils.

Considering the interdependence that exists between these two industries, the merger serves as an opportunity to provide a more holistic approach to our advocacy efforts in each area.

The fundamental purpose of the Logistics and Transportation council is to advocate for and provide programs aimed at bettering the movement of people and freight throughout the Buffalo Niagara region, and connect our business to new markets in the United States and Canada.

whirlpool bridgeGiven the Partnership’s clout as an organization representing the interests of private-sector businesses, incorporating the goals of the logistics council will give credence to our advocacy efforts for transportation improvements.

The joint council will strengthen our advocacy efforts by lending a wider range of representation and expertise.

Each year, all of the Partnership’s councils strategize and plan for advocacy items to be compiled into our Regional Agenda.

Looking ahead to the 2015 Regional Agenda, the Partnership will continue to advocate for previous action agenda items, including the Peace Bridge Pre-Inspection and major infrastructure projects, as well as the reforming infrastructure project funding and project delivery.

Additionally, the council will coordinate with the International Trade Gateway Organization (ITGO) to advocate for regionally-significant infrastructure projects that are critical to growing our business community.

bryan logistics blog photo march 19The newly formed Logistics and Transportation council will continue many of the current strategies of both existing councils, including:

  • Develop and advocate on behalf of the Logistics and Transportation Action Agenda;
  • Execute the annual Logistics Council tour series (3 tours);
  • Incorporate the annual “State of Logistics” event;
  • Engage other Partnership Councils (CanAm, Manufacturers, Energy & Development Advisory) in joint initiatives;
  • Advocacy for stabilizing and increasing infrastructure funding
  • Advocacy for reform to infrastructure project delivery in New York State
  • Continue to identify uninvolved companies that are important to the regional logistics conversation;
  • Continue to engage external stakeholders for the regional logistics and transportation conversation;
  • Conduct employee outreach visits with industry employers to ensure Partnership activities are aligned with the needs and opportunities of our members.

The Logistics & Transportation council will lead the efforts of the region, bringing the business case to improve our infrastructure and supply chain management.

To get involved, contact Bryan Roth.

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BN360 Spotlight Series: evaluating volunteer opportunities

From volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, to serving as a teaching assistant for Junior Achievement in the Buffalo Public Schools, I’ve tried my hand at an array of volunteer activities since college.

The volunteer initiatives that have stuck with me the most are the ones I’m most passionate about and believe have made the biggest impact in serving the community.

Aliyah Schultz

BN360’s October Spotlight Professional: Aliyah Schultz

Below are some steps to take as you consider finding an organization to volunteer with:

What are you passionate about?

Take some time to think about what really matters to you, such as education or the environment, and identify groups that support a similar mission.

What skills do you have that you could contribute?

Project management, teaching, coaching, and marketing are just a handful of the types of skills that organizations look for in volunteers.

What skills would you like to develop?

Volunteering can be a great way to develop a skill-set that could later strengthen your resume.

Oftentimes, community groups are spread thin and are in need of volunteers that are willing to take on diverse tasks, including administrative and project management work. Start small by volunteering for a task that’s a little out of your comfort zone to test and further develop an underutilized skill.

At the end of the day, it’s important to enjoy the volunteer work you do, as it is an activity that occurs outside of your day job and is something you’ve sacrificed your free time to do.

I recommend starting out with a few one-off events to see what groups you may be interested in taking a more active role in.

A great group to join is B Team Buffalo which connects members with a wide spectrum of volunteer opportunities. Sign up to receive their monthly newsletter which contains a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities in the area.

I wish you the best of luck in your volunteerism search!

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Member Spotlight: Lincoln Moving and Storage

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership represents nearly 2,000 members and a quarter of a million employees in the Buffalo Niagara region.

To celebrate our members and their accomplishments, we have created a Member Spotlight blog series.

This month, after recently celebrating 100 years in business, we are proud to recognize Lincoln Moving & Storage

Lincoln moving storageI had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Palisano, President of Lincoln Moving & Storage, to learn more about why they’re happy to be a member of the Partnership.

Q: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, Tim. While I know that Lincoln Moving & Storage is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the family-owned-and-operated Lincoln Securities Corp., I am interested in learning more about how your family grew the business, and what your current mission is. 

A: Thank you, Julia. It started in 1914 with John Palisano and his six sons who grew the business from a horse and buggy.

Through the years, the company has grown steadily, providing quality transportation services to the Buffalo area and around the country. We now have locations in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, NY, as well as Tampa, FL.

lincoln moving team 2

Lincoln Moving & Storage employees show their support for Breast Cancer awareness while posing in front of a straight truck used for local moves.

As an ATLAS VAN LINES agent, we are part of a team of companies that provide transportation services for household goods, commercial equipment and machinery, plant relocations, and high value products.

In addition to moving, we are involved in storage, distribution, general logistics of household goods, high value products, office and plant equipment and general commodities.

Our mission is to provide exceptional service at a reasonable price. The quality of our service, the integrity of our people and the satisfaction of our customers define the success of our company.

Q: That’s great. So, it looks like you have been a member since 1995? 

A: Yep.

Q: What benefits has Lincoln Moving & Storage received or experienced through its membership with the Partnership over the years?

A: The networking has been great! Similarly, the educational programs and political action committees.

Seeing as how we are primarily located in the state of New York, a high-tax state, being affiliated with the chamber helps because they take a proactive approach to bettering the business climate in the state.

lincoln moving group1Q: That is definitely part of our mission. Other than the state’s business climate, what current challenges does Lincoln Moving & Storage face that the Partnership might be able to play a role in?

A: One of the challenges is health care – especially for smaller businesses. The Partnership’s expertise in this area will definitely prove useful for its member organizations who are trying to navigate the changing landscape.

Similarly, the ever-increasing taxes in the state. It’s expensive to have a transportation company in New York because it’s expensive to drive on the roads. That’s definitely a challenge, and the Partnership’s Transportation Summit definitely helped to get this issue on people’s minds.

I think that the growth in the region is definitely an opportunity. The medical corridor and the development of hotels show that the city is on the rise. It seems like everything you read about Buffalo in the news lately is positive.

Additionally, there are a lot of companies coming to the region. When any city grows, that’s great for a moving and storage business.

lincoln moving cake3Q: We couldn’t agree more. So, have you had any recent accomplishments that you’d like the community to be aware of? For example, I know you celebrated your 100th anniversary on September 25. Congratulations!

A: Thank you! Just being in business for 100 years is definitely an accomplishment.

We have great employees who truly are the back-bone of our company; without them, we wouldn’t be here today.

Q: Our Manager of Regional Development, Bryan Roth, also told me that you are a BBB-accredited business with a proven track record of superior service and customer satisfaction. That’s definitely something worth mentioning.

A: Definitely! Another thing is that we are in the fourth generation of the company right now.

According to the national Family Business Institute, only 30 percent of such ventures survive into the second generation, 12 percent into the third generation and only 3 percent continue into the fourth generation and beyond.

Palisano family

Palisano family

That being said, it’s quite an accomplishment for us to have made it past the third generation. We are already grooming the fifth generation for success and are working hard to be in business for another 100 years!

Q: That’s remarkable. Congratulations! 

A: Thank you.

Q: I’m sure that grooming the future generations is what has enabled you to stay in business for so long. So, are there any current opportunities for employment or involvement with Lincoln Moving & Storage?

A: We are always looking for energetic, enthusiastic people. We are currently looking for someone in commercial sales in the Buffalo Niagara area.

Q: That’s great! In summary, what would you say you are most looking forward to benefiting from as a member of the Partnership in the upcoming year?

A: Staying informed, meeting new people and going new places. We want to experience things we haven’t done before, such as the Logistics tour series.

Tim Palisano

Tim Palisano

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. If you aren’t out there in the community, you miss opportunities to connect and work with others in the community.

Interested in learning how to get your company featured through our Member Spotlight blog series?

Contact our Content Marketing Specialist, Julia Jornsay-Silverberg.

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A month dedicated to manufacturing

Manufacturing is a key component to our regional economy.

manufact day photo1

Ben Rand, Mayor Byron Brown and Partnership President & CEO, Dottie Gallagher-Cohen, celebrate the kickoff of “Manufacturing Month” at the Charter High School for Applied Technologies [Credit: Block Club]

On October 3, the Partnership joined our WNY Manufacturing Day partners – Insyte Consulting, Dream It, Do It (DIDI) WNY, Charter School for Applied Technologies (CSAT) and WNY STEM Hub – to celebrate the impact of manufacturing and its contribution to regional innovation, economic growth and high-quality jobs.

We were also joined by Mayor Byron Brown who issued a proclamation honoring National Manufacturing Day in the City of Buffalo, and CSAT Superintendent Martinez who shared why his school has invested in curriculum, staff and equipment that will prepare students for careers in manufacturing among other industries.

We continued the recognition of regional manufacturers on October 8, when we hosted a breakfast at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Our President & CEO, Dottie Gallagher-Cohen, sat down with manufacturers to talk about the opportunities and challenges that this sector currently faces.

oct 10 photo2

Don Zgoda, production manager at McGard, shares a laugh with CSAT students during a 3D printing demonstration. [Credit: Block Club]

On October 16, our Manufacturers Council, in collaboration with our WNY Manufacturing Day partners will continue the celebration with a tour of Staub Inc.

Winner of the 2014 Business First Manufacturing Award for Innovation, Staub Inc. is known not only for its persistent pursuit of cutting-edge technology, but also its employee-centric culture.

Founded in 1975 and still family-owned and operated today, the company now operates two divisions, Staub Machining and Staub Additive.

After touring Staub Machining, we’ll head around the corner to the company’s second facility where we’ll meet students from Lake Shore High School’s new tech class, Exploring Manufacturing with Dream It, Do It WNY, in order to explore Staub’s additive manufacturing capabilities!

Oct 10 staub logoOn October 23, the DIDI WNY Manufacturing Expo will return, giving 30 manufacturers the opportunity to interact with 800+ high school students through displays and activities designed to get students excited about careers in WNY manufacturing.

Our celebration of manufacturing won’t end there, as every day is Manufacturing Day at the Partnership because we know the value that this sector has on our ability to flourish as a region.

natl manufact dayInterested in learning more about Manufacturing Month, our Manufacturers Council and/or the variety of initiatives we’re working on to boost manufacturing competitiveness here in Buffalo Niagara?

Contact Nadine Powell.

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