NYS Budget Countdown: fate of Design-Build & IDA ‘reform’

As the Governor and State Legislature work to finalize a State Budget before the April 1 deadline, the future of both Design-Build and IDA ‘reform’ in New York is becoming clearer.

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership and our partner organization, Unshackle Upstate, have long advocated for a permanent Design-Build program in New York.

Design-Build allows for a single entity to submit one contract proposal for both the design and construction phases of a project.

It is widely accepted that combining the design and construction elements of a project saves time and money by increasing accountability and limiting finger-pointing between different firms working on the same project.

design build

Credit: Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA)

New York had a temporary Design-Build program on the books for three years that applied to certain public infrastructure projects; it expired in 2014.

In his last two budget proposals, Governor Cuomo has called for the extension of Design-Build in New York. Unfortunately, it was tied to a costly and anti-taxpayer mandate known as a Project Labor Agreement (PLA).

A PLA would only allow union firms to work on Design-Build projects, negating the cost benefits of Design-Build.

Both the Senate and Assembly excluded all language related to Design-Build in their respective one-house budget resolutions.

It has been, and remains, the position of the Partnership, Unshackle Upstate and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) that no Design-Build program in New York is better than one tied to a PLA.

The Partnership also strongly opposes the Governor’s proposed changes to policies governing local Industrial Development Agencies (IDA). Packaged as ‘reform,’ the proposals actually circumvent local decision making and centralize economic development decisions in Albany.

Incentives advanced by local IDAs have been critical to not only helping foster development of neglected properties, but also attracting new jobs and investment, especially in a state known for having some of the highest property taxes in the country.

Local IDAs know the economic conditions in their communities, and can respond to growing and changing needs.

Consolidating IDA decisions in Albany will certainly lead to more bureaucracy and longer approval timelines – two things the Upstate economy can’t afford.

The Partnership is pleased that both the Senate and Assembly have excluded the IDA language from their respective budget proposals, and the issue is not currently on the table as the Governor and legislative leaders negotiate a final budget agreement.

Check back next week to learn what’s in and what’s out of the State Budget, and how the Partnership scores the final product.

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Member Spotlight: T.Y. Lin International

To celebrate our members and their accomplishments, we have started a Member Spotlight blog series.

This month, Partnership Member T.Y. Lin International shares information about engineering, council involvement and the value of engaging young professionals in our BN360 program.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tara Boggio, Senior Business Development Manager, and Bob Radley, East District Director and Senior VP, of T.Y. Lin International to learn more about what they’re most looking forward to as a Partnership member this year.

Q: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, Bob. While I know that T.Y. Lin International is a multi-disciplinary engineering services firm, I am interested in learning more about the history and mission of the organization.

Bob Radley

Bob Radley, East District Director and Senior VP of T.Y. Lin International

A – Bob: Thank you, Julia.

In 1954, T.Y. Lin started his own consulting firm in California. T.Y. was a Berkley Professor, and a world renowned structural engineer who pioneered the use of pre-stressed concrete in the U.S. for constructing buildings and bridges.

He originally started as a building designer, but over the years he became famous as a bridge engineer. His company has been involved in many major bridge structures that have been built around the world.

T.Y. Lin International has grown over the years, mainly through acquisitions.

FRA Engineering, a WNY Firm, was acquired in 2007 by T.Y. Lin International, as T.Y. Lin International was looking for a presence in New York and Georgia, along with a diversity of services.

At the time, FRA Engineering employed about 125 people. T.Y. Lin International now employs over 800 professionals in the United States and about 1,400 in Asia.

We are a full service firm engineering-wise, including architecture and code services. Our goal is to be the firm of choice when it comes to engineering work locally, and throughout the world and

A – Tara: Our staff has had the opportunity to work both on many great local projects, and also people have gotten involved in the global projects. It has allowed us to offer our staff a wide variety of projects, in terms of scope and scale, to get involved with.

Q: That’s really interesting! From a visit to your website, I can see that you have worked on some incredible projects. Which one, in your opinion, has been the most exciting to be a part of?

A – Tara: Locally, the Niagara Falls Park rehabilitation project has just been amazing for our team to work on. We have designed and are providing construction administration for over $20M in improvements over 3 years.

This is an Olmsted designed park and is the oldest state park in the United States. We have done all the site engineering, MEP, structural engineering and some architectural work for this historic park, and we are teamed with long-time partners The LA Group out of Saratoga Springs who are spearheading all of the landscape architecture elements.

TY Lin Civil NYS Parks Niagara falls plaza

Niagara Falls Park Plaza

The winter weather has made it a little challenging for the construction but come spring, many of the improvements will be visible with many more phases to come.

Prospect Park improvements are done, and that new overlook area is just a fantastic area to view the falls, and the initial work around the Cave of the Winds will be starting this spring and continue well into 2016.

A – Bob: On a national level, the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge (pictured below) is probably our most recognized and awarded project.

This amazing structure is perched 890 feet above the Colorado River and is the highest and longest arched concrete bridge in the Western Hemisphere. It’s truly an engineering marvel. The bridge has won 15 national and international awards at last count.

Another notable award winning project is the Bay Bridge in San Francisco which used innovative design and construction methods (self-anchored suspension span), and was designed to accommodate high seismic loads.

Q: That’s great. I look forward to seeing the updates in the park! I know that you joined as a Partnership member in 2012. Do you know what inspired your organization to join?

A – Tara: We’ve had a local presence in Buffalo since 1998 when FRA acquired a firm called EMS consulting. However, when you fast-forward to 2007 (when T.Y. Lin acquired FRA,) we still have work to do to improve our name recognition.

We want businesses in the area to know that we’re a full-service engineering, architecture and code compliance firm.

We also have an amazing staff that is interested in the renaissance happening in Buffalo. Our young professionals want to lend their expertise when they can, and get involved in the region, which is why a number of them have gotten involved in the Buffalo Niagara 360 program.

TY lin hoover project

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

I have attended the Power Up events and really look forward to getting more involved with that group of women.

We are also getting involved in the councils. One council we are excited to be a part of is the Logistics and Transportation Council.

So, our decision to join really was two-fold. We wanted increased exposure as we work on strengthening our brand in the Buffalo Niagara region, and we also wanted our staff to have the chance to provide their expertise and interact with their peers in regards to the rebirth of the region.

Q: It’s wonderful to hear that you’re getting involved with our councils and BN360 program. Aside from networking opportunities, what are you most looking forward to benefiting from as a member?

A – Tara: In addition to networking and increasing our brand exposure, we look forward to benefiting from the Partnership’s advocacy efforts.

The Partnership’s Regional Agenda directly impacts our business. I went to the Regional Agenda roll out and noticed that so many of the key initiatives mentioned have real, potential consequences to our industry.

The focus on infrastructure, for example, is obviously important to residents and businesses that need mobility options and safety – but for us, it is our livelihood and making transportation funding available is paramount.

We also have a strong company focus on sustainable planning and design so the areas of the Regional Agenda that focus on smart growth and development resonate with us.

We have some of the leading experts on the NYSERDA energy code on our team and they add so much value to our facilities projects.

So, providing expertise through our involvement in the councils to further these agenda items is definitely something we are looking forward to.

Tara Boggio

Tara Boggio, Senior Business Development Manager of T.Y. Lin International

Q: That’s great to hear. We know that our councils benefit our members not just by being educational, but by providing an opportunity to network and meet other businesses that have similar problems or challenges.

A – Tara: Definitely. I am really looking forward to that.

Q: What current challenges or opportunities does T.Y. Lin face that you think the Partnership might be able to assist in?

A – Bob: We are constantly looking for greater attention to infrastructure funding and the need for infrastructure improvements in the region. The Partnership is certainly helping put a focus on that.

Within T.Y. Lin itself, we are looking to meet the right people to be able to submit on some of the great projects that are happening in Buffalo.

We certainly want to grow in Buffalo, and your help in introducing us to the right people will be great for us.

A – Tara: You guys have an impressive group at the Partnership.

When I attended the Regional Agenda roll out, Kate and Dan were both so helpful in making sure that I had the chance to connect with the individuals I wanted to meet. Your team truly works very hard for its members and helps members take advantage of each opportunity.

Q: Thank you so much, I’m so happy to hear that. So, as you know, Partnership members benefit from the ability to work with companies like yours on procurement opportunities. Do you currently have any opportunities to collaborate or do business with fellow Partnership members?

TY Lin ACEC bridge

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge New East Span

A – Bob: We are consistently looking for partners in the Western New York area to join our project teams.

Our partners typically consist of other engineering firms, construction firms, surveyors, and/or environmental firms. We’re always looking for new folks to team up with!

Q: That’s great to know. Have you had any recent accomplishments that you’d like the community to be aware of? For example, I know you recently won the top 2015 Engineering Excellence Award, the Golden State Award, from the American Council of Engineering Companies of California (ACEC-CA) for your design of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge New East Span.

A – Bob: The Bay Bridge project is also supposed to get another award from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

You could also go through a whole list of awards that the Hoover Dam project won; as I mentioned, it is more than a dozen awards.

Sometimes, we’re more proud of the smaller projects.

For example, we recently won the 2014 Structural Project of the Year award for our work on the Oatka Creek Bridge from the Western Branch Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA). That project is a bridge replacement over Oatka Creek in Wyoming County.

We had some great innovation from our structural and hydraulic engineers to produce a structure that could withstand unique site conditions.

Q: Congratulations!

A – Tara: Thank you.

TY Lin Bridge-Allen street bridge

T.Y. Lin International won an award for work on the Allen Street Bridge in Wyoming Co

Q: So, are there any other current opportunities for employment with T.Y. Lin?

A – Tara: We have some amazing opportunities across the company in our 30+ offices. People can go to our website and find them there.

Locally, it’s been interesting to see our facilities side of the business take off in the last few years.

Our building-side has taken a big leap lately, so we are currently looking for structural engineers that are well-versed in the latest computer modeling techniques.

We are also looking for an electrical engineer and/or designer, as well as an entry-level architect.

Q: That’s great to hear! Is there anything else you want the community or our members to be aware of? 

A – Bob: We are committed to the Buffalo Niagara area and are eagerly seeking opportunities to grow there.

Interested in being a part of our Member Spotlight blog series? Contact our Content Marketing Specialist, Julia Jornsay-Silverberg.

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Buffalo’s Leadership Coalition: supporting entrepreneurs

Today has been an exciting day for Buffalo Niagara’s entrepreneurs and start-up community.

While we are excited about the announcement of the second year of the 43 North business plan competition, we are equally excited for the teams who have been living and working in Buffalo since January.

43 North 1The winning teams have not only benefited from their cash prize, but also from free incubator space, guidance from mentors in related fields and access to programs like Start-Up NY.

Despite the amazing support offered by 43 North, we know it takes more than business support to integrate these teams into the community.

To support the teams that moved here from outside of the region to pursue their dreams (8 of the 11 were not native to Buffalo,) the business community formed the Leadership Coalition.

Made up of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, the Buffalo Urban League, Canisius College Center for Professional Development, Leadership Buffalo, Leadership Niagara and University at Buffalo Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, the Leadership Coalition aims to provide support, guidance and civic engagement to these 11 companies and their staff.

Since the 43 North finals in October, the Leadership Coalition has been working with the 11 winning teams to get them settled.

This includes everything from helping them find housing, making recommendations on local restaurants and gyms, and providing insight into the incredible things happening throughout the region.

43 North 3The coalition staffs bi-weekly office hours to talk to the teams about what they need from both a business and social standpoint.

Our goal is to make sure the teams have a great experience and feel prepared to serve as strong ambassadors for Buffalo as a great city for entrepreneurs to start and grow their business.

As the second round of 43 North kicks off, we are excited to see the influx of companies, at all stages, ready to make Buffalo Niagara their home.

With start-up companies from Toronto all the way to Taiwan, Buffalo Niagara is benefiting from the spotlight that 43 North has cast on it.

Now is our opportunity to show off everything our region has to offer: our affordable workforce, infrastructure, cultural diversity, educational institutions, arts and cultural scene and proximity to the border.

43 North 2We are excited to not only support the 43 North team as this year’s applications start rolling in, but continue to work with the teams that are already here.

Have questions about 43 North?

Our upcoming Game Changers event is all about Buffalo’s entrepreneur scene!

Our panelists will discuss 43 North and all of the other exciting things happening in Buffalo’s start-up scene.

Reach out to me if you are looking for ways to get involved!

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NYS Budget Countdown: high property taxes

Just this week, a report published by the Empire Center for Public Policy confirmed what many of us are already painfully aware of – New Yorkers pay some of the highest property taxes in the country.

Worse yet, the study determined that Western New Yorkers pay the highest rates across the state.

As we head into the final stretch of state budget negotiations, let’s take a look at the Governor and State Legislature’s competing plans to lower property taxes.

43 north photo of buffaloGovernor Cuomo is proposing a $1.6 billion property tax circuit breaker.

The proposal would provide tax ‘relief’ to homeowners if their property tax bill is more than 6 percent of their annual income.

The program would apply, to varying degrees, to household incomes below $250,000. The Assembly included a similar proposal in its budget resolution.

The Partnership is opposed to the circuit breaker plan for two main reasons.

First, all commercial property owners are excluded.

Property tax relief should be across the board; leaving commercial owners out of the equation is fundamentally unfair and a drag on the economy.

Second, subsidizing high property taxes does nothing to address the root causes of high taxes in New York and provides zero incentive for governments to control costs.

However, the Senate has a different approach; it wants to expand the dollar value of the Governor’s proposal, but change it to a rebate program.

The Senate proposal continues to exclude commercial property owners, but it does offer the tax break to all STAR-eligible homeowners across the state. Most importantly, the Senate included a permanent property tax cap in its budget resolution.

The cap currently in place has been critical to holding local property taxes down to help both New York home and business owners.

We feel strongly that it must be made permanent. The Governor has expressed his support for doing so and we hope he and the Legislature can come together on this critical issue.

To learn about our stance on the proposed minimum wage hike, read our latest blog.

Be sure to check back next week to get the latest on where the Partnership stands on the future of Design-Build and other plans being discussed as the Governor and Legislature hammer out a final state budget.

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Manufacturers Council tours the “Wrinkled Tin Factory”

One of the main reasons our Manufacturers Council presents facility tours is to provide Partnership members with the opportunity to share best practices in their industry.

We highlight exemplary facilities from around the region with the hopes of creating tangible value and insights that member companies can apply to their businesses, such as information on policies, a new machining process or new business connection.

Thursday, March 12 marked the fourth installment of our Manufacturers Council Tour Series.

This season has showcased Staub Machine, McGard, Honeywell, and most recently, Rigidized Metals Corporation (RMC), one of Buffalo’s most unique companies.

Ridigized tour 1

Rich Leidolf, Director of Operations, displays a sheet of textured metal.

Nicknamed the “Wrinkled Tin Factory,” RMC specializes in deep-textured metals. Put simply, they manufacture metals with three-dimensional textures on the surface.

The applications of textured metals are wide-ranging, from architecture, to mass transit, military, marine, handrails and more.

RMC metals can be found on busses, elevators, helicopters and skyscrapers. They can also be found at some popular local spots, such as the Burchfield Penney Art Center and (716) Food and Sport.

RMC has been a #BNPMember since 1945 and has been running at its Ohio St. plant since 1940. They are a true Buffalo success story.

Our tour kicked off with a breakfast reception, which was followed by a tour of the plant floor and a presentation on the company’s history and products.

Seeing as how RMC is one of only two companies in North America that makes these types of metals, there is a good chance that Buffalo was the place of origin for the textured materials you’ll find anywhere in the country.

The applications and diversity of RMC’s products was truly impressive.

In addition to the company’s history and products, we got close-up demonstrations of RMC’s equipment and machining processes.

The tour proved widely beneficial for the 23 different companies represented, including:

  • Applied Sciences Group
  • Bonadio Group
  • C&S Companies
  • D. McCauley, LLC
  • Dynabrade, Inc.
  • Insyte Consulting
  • Jaeckle, Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP
  • Kee Safety, Inc.
  • LeChase Construction Services, LLC
  • National Grid
  • Pfannenberg, Inc.
  • Phillips Lytle, LLP
  • Power Drives, Inc.
  • Roar Logistics, Inc.
  • Scheid Architectural
  • Speed Global Services
  • Sti-co Industries
  • SUNY Buffalo State
  • Switzer Manufacturing Group
  • Tapecon, Inc.
  • University at Buffalo TCIE
  • Welke Customs Brokers USA, Inc.

The Manufacturers Council Tour Series presents a unique, behind-the-scenes glance at our region’s select manufacturers.

Rigidized tour 2

RMC shows us a partially completed laser cut diamond pattern at their facility.

The tour series is very well attended and allows for networking, connecting and hands-on demonstrations of best practices in the industry.

In fact, the council has become so popular that for the first time in its history, we are expanding and accepting new manufacturing members!

If you are interested in helping host or plan future tours, please consider joining our Manufacturers Council.

For more information, please contact me or your investor relations representative right away!

Be sure to stay tuned for more information about this season’s fifth and final tour, coming up in May!

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Say Yes Buffalo Business Council

Say Yes Buffalo and the support services they provide are helping to keep students in school and prepare them for post-secondary education.

It is due to the successful efforts of Say Yes that we’re proud to partner with them to build a Business Council.

The mission of the council is to increase students’ access to internships, mentors, career exploration and work experience.

These experiences will cover a sector of disciplines including corporate, non-profit, small business and government entities.

say yes logoJob experience is vital to a student’s success in school; the Business Council aims to help provide students with the tools they need to be prepared to enter the workforce.

Having a clear vision and career path encourages students to stay in school and helps them set long term goals.

Students with job and internship experience are more likely to have success entering the workforce after graduation.

Furthermore, the Business Council will allow private sector leaders to engage with these students as they explore career options in the region.

The Business Council will enable companies to:

  • build their future workforce
  • hire the best and brightest Say Yes graduates
  • provide Say Yes Buffalo scholars with access to career opportunities they wouldn’t typically have access to

By removing financial, academic, social and health barriers to educational attainment, Say Yes is setting regional students up for success and upgrading the skills in our local job pool.

If you are interested in learning more about the Say Yes Business Council please email me.

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NYS Budget Countdown: proposed minimum wage hike

With just weeks to go before the state’s budget deadline, the Partnership is working hard at home and in Albany to make sure our key state priorities are addressed.

Last week, I lead a group of Partnership members to Albany for our annual Lobby Day.

The group met with members of the Western New York delegation, Lt. Governor Hochul and key staff to Governor Cuomo to communicate the details of our 2015 State Legislative Action Agenda.

hocul meeting

from left to right: Darren Kempner (NFTA), AJ Wright (BlueCross/BlueShield), Lt. Governor Hochul, myself and colleague Dan Leonard

As the Governor, Senate and Assembly begin to hammer out their budget differences, the issue of yet another increase in the state’s minimum wage is heating up.

Under a previous agreement, the state’s minimum wage went up at the end of last year and is scheduled to increase again in December.

The Governor has proposed a third increase to $10.50/hour, which would be one of the highest rates in the country, by the start of 2017.

The Partnership has been on the record as opposing the latest minimum wage hike since the Governor released his proposal in January.

The real impact of the recent, and already approved, increases on small businesses and the Upstate economy has not been fully studied or realized.

Proposing yet another hike on top of the current and planned increases flies in the face of the ‘making-ends-meet’ realities most small business owners face every day.

The New York State Senate heard our message and did not included a minimum wage hike in its One-House Budget Resolution.

Unfortunately, the Assembly took the Governor’s proposal and super-sized it. In its One-House, the Assembly is proposing a massive series of minimum wage hikes with one set of rates for Upstate and another for New York City.

The Assembly’s plan would raise the Upstate minimum wage to $12.60/hour by 2019; the minimum wage would be indexed annually thereafter.


from left to right: Ed Damico (National Fuel), Don Ingalls (BlueCross/Blue Shield), Darren Kempner (NFTA), Senator Gallivan, Meg Lauerman (Continental 1), Senator Ortt, Alberto Bianchetti (National Grid), Senator Ranzenhofer, AJ Wright (BC/BS), Senator Young, Candace Johnson (Roswell Park)

Simple economics tells you that small business owners will never be able to absorb these costs, forcing them to employ fewer people and/or increase the prices of their goods and services.

The threat of yet another round of minimum wage hikes is even harder to swallow given the lack of any real small business tax relief in the Governor’s proposed budget.

The Governor did propose reducing the corporate tax rate from its current 6.5 percent to below 4 percent for businesses with fewer than 100 employees and income (before expenses and any potential losses) of $390,000.

This proposal is estimated to help less than 10 percent of New York State businesses as the vast majority of small businesses do not file income taxes as corporations.

We must do better.

The Senate is proposing more robust and targeted small business tax relief that will hopefully be incorporated into the final budget.

In addition to broadening the Governor’s corporate tax rate reduction plan to include more businesses, the Senate is proposing a 10 percent tax exemption for small businesses that file income taxes through the personal income tax of the owner.

Most small businesses file through personal income tax. As a result, the Senate estimates its proposal will provide a total of $125 million of tax relief to about 500,000 small business across our state.

Check back next week to get the latest on the debate over how to tackle high property taxes in New York and where the Partnership stands on the various plans being discussed as the Governor and Legislature hammer out a final state budget.

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Bridge to Success loan funding available now

Working capital does not need to be a limiting factor in your business growth.

New York State has a program available to minority or women-owned small businesses to help with much needed, short term financing.

Empire State Development’s (ESD) “Bridge to Success” program is one that we are proud to support and recommend.

bridge to successThe “Bridge to Success” program dramatically increases lending opportunities for minority or women business enterprises (M/WBEs) that are looking to capitalize on the (up to $1 billion in) contracting opportunities available through the state.

As the regional chamber of commerce focused on increasing jobs and private sector investment, this program represents a unique opportunity for our members to take on business that they otherwise would not be able to apply for.

The program does the following:

  • Provides bridge loans through four participating lenders who are making a total of $20 million available in much needed, short-term, working capital loans for qualifying MWBEs.
  • Helps to overcome common barriers to credit for small businesses, including the short-term nature of their capital need and the size and experience of many companies.
  • Provides $2.73 million (from ESD) in loan loss reserves to encourage increased lending in this area and enables participating lenders to mitigate risk.

Loans are typically between $75,000-$200,000, but other loan amounts could be entertained. The loan term is typically eight to 18 months.

Since its roll out in the second quarter of 2014, “Bridge to Success” has approved in excess of $4.7 million in small business loans to New York State MWBE contractors.

Due to it’s success, we encourage eligible Partnership member companies to take advantage of the program.

For more information, please contact: NYS MWBE Resource Line at 855/ESD-4MWB (855/373-4692) or visit the website.

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BN360 Spotlight Series: Shopping Local vs. Shopping Locally

Shopping local is important. Why? Because purchasing products from stores in your community creates jobs, supports the tax base and builds thriving neighborhoods.

If you think that is important, I challenge you to take it to the next level by shopping locally.

What’s the difference? Shopping locally means buying from stores in your community that are locally owned and operated.

Making this change, to support local small businesses, provides a serious boost to the local economy.


BN360’s March Spotlight Professional: Julia Spitz

According to Forbes, for every dollar spent ‘local’, 14 percent stays in your community. For every dollar spent ‘locally’, 45 percent stays in your community and 9 percent stays in your state.

The next time you head out to one of your regular haunts, make the conscious effort to swap it out for something locally owned & operated.

  • Love big produce suppliers? Try the Lexington Co-Op on Elmwood Avenue. The Co-Op is owned by its members, eco-friendly and diversely staffed. Fun local fact: They are opening a second, larger location on Hertel Avenue this year.
  • Looking for a fun day out with the kids? Try Explore & More Children’s Museum in East Aurora, where kids have fun while learning. Annual memberships start at $45 per family or a day pass is just $5 per person. Fun local fact: They’ll be moving to Canalside in late 2016!
  • Love a good cup of joe? Try Sweet_ness 7. Locations at Grant/Lafayette and Parkside Avenue. Fun local fact: The owner purchases & redevelops the buildings in which her cafes are located.
  • Looking for a hotel to put up visiting friends or family? Try the Asa Ransom House in Clarence. This charming Inn was built in 1853 and boasts restaurant featuring classic American fare. Fun local fact: During the summer, they give tours of their famous herb garden which has 70 varieties!
  • Hungry for a hunk of bread? Venture out to Elm Street Bakery in East Aurora. They make their own baked goods, bread, pizza, soup, and even roast their own coffee beans. Fun local fact: The owner sources local ingredients whenever possible!

Love your experience at one of the places above? I encourage you to post about it on social media!

Many small businesses typically can’t afford advertising, so posting about your experience makes it more likely that others will see your post and follow your lead, thus multiplying your economic impact!

About the author: Julia Spitz is Buffalo Niagara 360’s March Spotlight Professional. Julia works as Vice President for Savarino Properties, where she manages 300,000 square-feet of mixed-use space across Western New York. Julia also serves on the Board of Explore & More Children’s Museum, East Hill Foundation and American Red Cross.

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Partnership prepares for Manufacturing Days

Manufacturing Days represents the opportunity for regional manufacturers to speak to state politicians about the policies that are of most importance to them.

In two weeks, on March 23 and 24, the Manufacturers Association of Central New York will be hosting its eighth annual Manufacturing Days in Albany.

MACNYThe main goals for the two-day event are clear:

  • lower taxes for manufacturing businesses
  • low-cost and reliable utilities
  • fair workers compensation programs
  • better workforce development to ensure long-term industry success.

Monday, March 23, will feature both a lunch and dinner reception, as well as three panel discussions regarding legislation, workforce, and manufacturing in the media.

Tuesday, March 24, will consist of a breakfast reception and group meetings with local delegations of legislators.

The Partnership, and our Manufacturers Council, fully supports MACNY and their work at Manufacturing Days.

Positive policy outcomes are the result of significant time and hard work advocating for our manufacturing members at events like this. 

BNMA logoAdvocacy is only as strong as the voices behind the message.

By producing a strong Western New York presence, we will be able to show how important manufacturing is to our region and thus, will be able to create a positive business climate for our member companies.

The Partnership will be uniting with representatives from the Buffalo Niagara Manufacturing Alliance (BNMA), the Greater Niagara Manufacturers Association (GNMA), and the Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier (MAST) to present a cohesive representation of the western region of our state.

I would highly encourage any interested manufacturing members to join me; the more participants, the more we will be able to accomplish.

If you have any questions or would like to register, please contact me or Karyn Burns from MACNY. You can also register directly from the MACNY website.

To learn about what our priorities were last year for Manufacturing Days, read our blog post.

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