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5.7.21 BNP Advocacy Alert – Extended Producer Responsibility Act Too Costly for New York

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Kristine Bieniek

May 7, 2021


5.7.21 BNP Advocacy Alert – Extended Producer Responsibility Act Too Costly for New York  

For weeks, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership has sounded the alarm on S. 1185, known as the Extended Producer Responsibility Act. This bill would broadly shift the responsibility of recycling packaging material (carton, glass, metal), paper and plastic products from municipalities to businesses, which the BNP suspected would add exorbitant costs onto businesses and consumers.  

Recently, our fears were substantiated. A new report studied the fiscal impacts the EPRA would have on New York State. The findings were staggering, but ultimately not surprising. The study found that the EPRA would result in: 

  • Over $800m in direct costs to producers 
  • $2-4 billion in additional costs to the NYS economy 
  • 4-6% increase in the cost of a “basket of goods” 
  • $36-$57 increase in monthly grocery bills for a family of four 
  • Disproportionate impacts on low-income families 

The research makes it clear: New York cannot afford the EPRA. This bill will drive employers out of New York, and the cost will ultimately be borne by low-income residents who can least afford it. 

The BNP will continue to highlight the many problems with this bill so Albany steers clear of passing it.

To learn more or contact your lawmakers about this bill, visit HERE. 

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