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This Labor Day weekend, consider the need to help ourselves

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BUFFALO, NY (The Buffalo News) — As family and friends come together to celebrate Labor Day and honor the working men and women who are the lifeblood of our economy, it seems appropriate to reflect on the kind of workforce our community needs now and in the future. In the not-too-distant past, our region suffered from a lack of opportunity compared with the number of people seeking it. Today, the problem is reversed. Employers have positions they cannot fill, stunting our region’s economic fortunes. While employers are struggling to find talent across the country, the problem is more acute here at home.

Our community is working to encourage former Buffalonians to move back home and promote inbound attraction through the Be in Buffalo campaign. And our region is making strides in better capitalizing on the well-educated pool of students who move to our community every year to attend college. But nothing would indicate that we can look beyond Buffalo Niagara to grow our way out of our current talent shortage. Instead, we must look inward and grow our own.

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