How We Connect

At the core of our mission is to connect people through our events.  As the largest regional chamber of commerce in WNY, we bring approximately 4,500 people together each year via an unprecedented number of events, meetings and workshops.

Why We Connect

We carefully create events that facilitate networking opportunities, encourage business development, support professional development and drive business advocacy.

Who We Connect

Our events vary and are designed to fit the needs of our many community stakeholders which include both member and non-member businesses, young professionals, industry experts, strategic partners, community backers and government leaders.

Upcoming events:

2017 Buffalo Niagara Night in Albany

2017 BN360 Skills for Success – Generational Diversity

2017 Speaker Series – Cybersecurity 2.0

2017 Lunch and Learn with Bene-Care

2017 Speaker Series – Hire Well with Intel

2017 ATHENA Awards Luncheon

2017 CanAm Now