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BNP Advocacy Insider – October 2022

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October 11, 2022

State to Raise Minimum Wage in 2023 

On December 31, the minimum wage in upstate New York will increase one dollar to $14.20/hour. The move comes as market forces have already driven wage growth across the state. 2023 will be the tenth consecutive year the state has increased its minimum wage. Learn more on our blog.  

Congress Punts Budget to Lame Duck Session 

To avoid a government shutdown, Congress recently passed a continuing resolution, which will maintain current federal spending levels through December 16 and direct additional aid to Ukraine. The continuing resolution did not include a highly-anticipated provision to streamline the permitting process for energy infrastructure, but it is expected to be a key piece in budget negotiations this winter.  

Congress will not reconvene until after the midterm elections. In the November and December, Congress must pass a budget or continuing resolution and a defense spending bill, but the shape of those could vary greatly depending on the midterm results. If Republicans take the Senate on Election Day, Democrats will spend much of the lame duck session confirming nominees to the federal judiciary. The BNP will keep you posted on any legislative updates from Washington.  

Canada Ditches Border Crossing Restrictions; America’s Remain 

After pressure from the BNP and border communities in both nations, Canada dropped all of its restrictions on land border crossing. Previously, Canada had required preregistration through the ArriveCan app, proof of vaccination, and submission of a quarantine plan should the traveler contract COVID in Canada. Travelers were also subject to random COVID testing. The BNP applauds Canada’s relaxation of restrictions, which inhibited cross-border commerce.  

However, the U.S. continues to enforce stringent restrictions on Canadian travelers. The BNP has urged the White House to follow Canada’s lead and drop its restrictions, too. Learn more on our blog 

Billions in Incentives Lure Micron to Syracuse 

Chip manufacturer Micron announced plans to build a major manufacturing facility in Onondaga County. To entice Micron to locate in New York, the state will provide over $5.8 billion in tax credits and infrastructure and community investments. To put the number in perspective, this amount is 9.6 times more than New York is providing for the Buffalo Bills stadium. If Micron hires its estimated 9,000 workers, the state will spend over $644k per job. Through the federal CHIPS Act, Micron will receive federal incentives, too.  

The BNP welcomes Micron to New York and urges state leaders to cultivate a business climate that will incentivize more employers to locate in the state.  

Zeldin Visits the BNP; Hochul Coming Next Week 

As part of our Capital Conversation series, the BNP welcomed Congressman Lee Zeldin, the Republican nominee for Governor, to Buffalo. During the guided conversation, Zeldin and President & CEO Dottie Gallagher discussed numerous issues regarding our regional economy. Learn more here. 

On Friday, October 21, the BNP will welcome Governor Kathy Hochul for an identical event. Register on our site here.  

BNP Member Pulse: Workforce Woes Continue 

The BNP released its 2022 Member Pulse Report, which summarizes the findings of our annual Member Survey. For the second straight year, the ability to attract and retain qualified talent is the number one concern of Buffalo Niagara employers. Learn what else is on the minds of Buffalo Niagara employers in our report here.  

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