Talent Pipeline Management

The Workforce Challenge

The region has experienced an incredible resurgence over the last several years. However, WNY employers’ #1 concern is finding and retaining qualified talent:
TPM Stats
The region’s skills gap has reached critical proportions among entry level and middle-skill jobs—those that require more education and training than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree.

Our Response

An unprecedented, employer-led collaboration. In 2016 the Partnership was among the first to join a national cohort of US Chamber members and adopt a strategic process called Talent Pipeline Management (TPM).

Using the TPM approach, the Partnership organizes employers with common pain-points, connects them with resource providers to fix the problem and helps establish a pipeline of talent aligned with future needs.

What is Talent Pipeline Management (TPM)?

A demand-driven, employer-led, systematic approach designed to close the skills gap that builds talent supply chains aligned to dynamic business needs.
  • Employer Driven Collaborative
    • Employers play the lead role as the end customer
    • Employers work together to identify common pain points and target a solution to their common skills gap


  • Supply Chain Solution
    • Draws on the insights, strategies, and tools of supply chain management
    • Realigns education and training to meet local job market demand
    • Builds direct relationships between employers and preferred talent providers

The Benefits

  • Employer is at the center of the process
    • Employer-led
    • Focused on employer return on investment (ROI)
    • Driven by employer demand
  • Optimized process led by experts at the Partnership
    • Built on industry best practices
    • Proven workforce strategy designed to meet the needs of today’s changing business environment
    • Connects talent strategy to business strategy
    • Structured, data-driven process resulting in collective action and improved decision making
  • Positive impact on regional workforce development system
    • Workers connecting to jobs that need filling
    • Engagement of full range of solution providers
    • Shared value, competitiveness and accountability of employers

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Success Stories

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