Workforce Policy Update March 2022

The BNP works closely with government leaders to keep them informed of employer challenges and to advocate for policy that would ease the workforce crisis. The BNP supports legislation that expands access to education and training, makes quality childcare more accessible, removes barriers to workforce participation, and reforms our immigration system to meet our region’s workforce needs. The BNP has been in frequent communication with the Governor’s office about workforce challenges. We were pleased to see the Governor responded to those concerns by including numerous workforce policy changes in her Executive Budget proposal. Recently, the BNP wrote to the Governor and state lawmakers applauding many of those changes. You can read our letter here. 

The Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition, a collective of regional chambers including the BNP, has released its 2022 Policy Priorities. The agenda makes suggestions for federal policy to help ease the workforce crisis. These suggestions include expanding Pell Grants to short-term training programs, investing in apprenticeship and workforce training programs, increasing H-1B visa caps, and pursuing place-based immigration policies to meet the needs of our regional labor market. Read the full agenda here. 

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