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Staff Spotlight: Meet Alexandra Gerspach

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June 18, 2024

We are pleased to welcome Alexandra Gerspach, Executive Assistant to Grant Loomis, as our latest Staff Spotlight.

In her role, Ally supports the BNP team responsible for planning and executing the organization’s programs, initiatives, and events.

Get to know Ally in this brief Q&A. 


Q: What is your background in/what type of work were you in before the BNP? 

A: Prior to the BNP, I worked for an educational technology startup company. I had the privilege of working with a small team across several different departments including customer success, marketing, and business development. 

Q: How did your past experience prepare you for your current role at BNP?  

A: Working for a startup company prepared me to come into my current role as an executive assistant with a variety of different skills and the ability to adapt. With so many programs and initiatives at the BNP, I’ve found it important to be organized and flexible and I feel as though my previous position prepared me for this. 

Q: What inspired you to join the BNP team?

A: I was inspired to join the BNP team because being born and raised in Buffalo, I feel very passionate about the mission and goals of the organization. I love being able to have a small part in the economic growth of Western New York.

Q: Tell us a little-known fact about yourself.

A: I am currently training to run my first full marathon, the New York City Marathon, in November 2024. I am running with a charity team to help raise money and awareness for brain cancer research. 

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

A: I love to travel and experience new places and cultures. Last year I had the privilege to visit Ireland, London, France, and Spain. When I’m home I love to read, try new restaurants, and cook for my friends and family  

Q: Best Buffalo Hidden Gem?

A: Butter Block bakery in Five Points neighborhood. 

Q: What is your favorite part about living in the Buffalo area?  

A: The food scene! Buffalo has some of the best restaurants and I love that you can experience a variety of different cuisines all in one city. 

Q: What do you like best about a hybrid work schedule?  

A: I’m a morning person, so I love being able to have extra time to relax and drink my coffee in the morning. I also love being able to get outside and go for a quick walk on my lunch break. The hybrid work schedule allows for the perfect work / life balance. 

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