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Advocacy Update Blog

Advocacy Update: House votes to delay overtime rule

In a vote of 246-177 along party lines, the House passed a bill aimed at delaying the Obama Administration’s far reaching overtime regulations.  The Regulatory Relief for Small Businesses, Schools and Nonprofits Act would delay for six months the mandatory overtime rule that makes 4.2 million more Americans eligible for overtime pay.


One step closer to protecting our greatest asset – the Great Lakes

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Great Lakes advocacy work took a big step forward earlier this month when the United States Senate and House of Representatives passed the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2016. The bill authorizes approximately $5 billion in water infrastructure projects, including those critical to the Great Lakes and the Buffalo Niagara region. The Partnership, through its work with the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition, has actively advocated for the passage of this bill.


Workers’ Compensation Remains an Issue for Buffalo Niagara Employers

Workers’ Compensation remains a prominent issue facing Buffalo Niagara employers. While New York State’s Workers’ Compensation program was substantially reformed in 2007, many of the reforms have not been fully implemented and, as a result, employers’ costs continue to rise. Today, New York State has the fourth highest Workers’ Compensation premiums in the country, up from the 19th highest in 2008.


Attention All Family Owned Businesses

Attention all family owned businesses – in August, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) proposed a rule that would dramatically reduce the valuation discounts currently available to family owned businesses looking to transfer ownership to the next generation. The Partnership is deeply concerned with the proposed regulation, as we believe it will not only have a negative impact on family businesses within our region, but also the communities where those businesses are located.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and the Hidden Business Use Case

As technology evolves, many organizations are seeking to transition from an internal IT infrastructure to a virtual desktop infrastructure, also known as VDI. Ultimately, while this may seem moderately easy for an organization to achieve, there are a myriad of things to consider. The rationale on implementing a VDI can vary and for some, a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can be deployed without disrupting or displacing an existing environment. Provisioning, installing and testing can be achieved in a parallel setting while never impacting day-to-day operations.