Speaker Series Webisode: The Successful Employee Re-Entry Plan

WATCH: The Successful Employee Re-Entry Plan – How to Increase Engagement, Recruitment & Retention About this Webinar: Successfully assimilating a workforce back into the place of business takes careful planning. Join Mark Hendrickson, V.P. HR, and Cindy Voelker, Associate CEO, from Spectrum Health and Human Services as they provide an

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Members-Only Webisode: Cybersecurity – Building a Security Culture

WATCH: Preparing for What’s Next: Building a Security Culture About this Webinar: Ensuring that your company is safe from cybercriminals, vulnerabilities, and fraud takes sound policies, commitment, and a plan. Join us and learn how to bring your cybersecurity to the next level. Hear from the experts at Dopkins & Company and MVP

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Members-Only Webisode: Legal Speaker Series – NDAs and Non-Competes

WATCH NDAs and Non-Competes About this Webinar: The disclosure of confidential information in business can be extremely damaging. To lower the risk, organizations often ask people who receive this information to sign non-disclosure agreements. In a digital world, NDAs are becoming increasingly more important. From business owners to freelancers to

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