What More Can We Do to Advance Racial Equity in Buffalo Niagara?

Since March, my thoughts and actions have revolved almost entirely around the impact of COVID-19 on our region, our employers and citizens. And while the state of our new reality has felt overwhelming at times, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership has stepped up to assist in a meaningful way. Our goal

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Downtown Buffalo Housing Report

Downtown Buffalo Report Measures Growth and Opportunity

This week, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership released a report that takes a closer look at the impact of Buffalo’s renaissance on the downtown housing market. Downtown Buffalo: Looking Ahead with a Clearer View also highlights the success of several economic development programs, including the Buffalo Building Reuse Project (BBRP).  The

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Bob Wilmers: A Pillar of the Business Community

There’s not much I can say about Bob Wilmers that has not already been said.  He was unassuming with a sharp wit, extreme intelligence and a passion for our community. We remember the vital role Bob played 25 years ago in helping create what is now the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. 

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Racial Equity Roundtable

Buffalo’s Great Opportunity: Building Diversity in the Workforce

Buffalo’s renaissance is here and real.   The opportunity for us to thrive as a region of tomorrow depends upon our ability to create equity. The Community Foundation has led and staffed the Racial Equity Roundtable, a group of committed people looking to change the unfortunate economic reality of too many

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Discovering Hamilton: parallels to Buffalo

You’d be surprised to learn just how similar Hamilton in Canada is to Buffalo. A few months ago I was invited to participate in a panel discussion with the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce in Niagara on Lake Ontario. During my visit, I spent time with their chamber’s new incoming

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Immigrants and refugees strengthen regional economy

We know the critical role that immigrants and refugees play in Buffalo Niagara’s workforce and economy. For instance, last month, I blogged about the importance of easing the H1B Visa Cap as part of a sound, economic development strategy that focuses on the contributions of the foreign-born. As the great

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Easing of H-1B visa cap will boost STEM economy

Every April, the federal government begins accepting applications for H-1B visas, which allow highly educated and skilled professionals to work temporarily in the United States. Again this year, just days after filing opened, the annual cap of 85,000 was reached. Last year, more than 172,000 applications were received in less

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New York State Budget: Partnership reactions

The Partnership had several wins as part of the state budget process. The New York State Budget is mostly on time this year (officially missing the midnight deadline by just a few hours). There is a lot for Buffalo Niagara Partnership members to like about this budget – for items

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Brownfield Cleanup Program: extension passed

We are excited to announce that a long-term extension of the critical Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) is a part the State Budget agreement reached by the Governor and legislative leaders. As you know, the long-term extension of the BCP was the Partnership’s top legislative priority for 2015. Along with other

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