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Brownfield Cleanup Program


New York State’s Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) has been instrumental in the redevelopment and resurgence of Western New York.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation defines a brownfield site as “any real property where a contaminant is present at levels exceeding the soil cleanup objectives or other health-based or environmental standards.” Typically, these sites formerly hosted heavy industry or chemical operations. The presence of brownfields is a problem for communities. These sites require environmental remediation to be utilized, which is expensive.

BCP stimulates private investment to clean sites that would otherwise remain contaminated and underutilized. Through the BCP, developers willing to incur the cost of cleaning up a Brownfield site receive a tax credit to help finance environmental remediation and redevelopment. The BCP stimulates private investment by making cost-prohibitive projects possible.

However, the BCP is in jeopardy. If Governor Hochul and the State Legislature do not renew it in the 2022
Budget, this essential program will expire.


In the News:

01.01.21: The Buffalo News: Another Voice: Brownfield Cleanup Program has made Buffalo cleaner, more vibrant


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