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Buffalo Niagara Celebrates Manufacturing Week: The Cornerstone of Our Regional Economy

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October 12, 2023

Manufacturing Week (Oct. 6-13, 2023) is a time to celebrate the cornerstone of Buffalo Niagara's economy, the manufacturing industry.

“Buffalo Niagara’s manufacturers have always been the foundation of our regional economy and emerging technology will power their success for years to come. Manufacturing Week allows us to recognize this essential sector for all its hard work while strengthening our advocacy efforts to support its future.” – Dottie Gallagher, BNP President & CEO

Industry Equals Employment

Manufacturing is more than just business; it's about jobs and economic stability. With 1,200 manufacturing companies in Erie and Niagara counties, nearly 11% of our workforce relies on manufacturing for employment. These numbers speak to the enduring strength and importance of the sector in our region.

Adapting to Challenges

Buffalo Niagara's manufacturers continue to evolve and modernize their processes to meet the demands of the 21st century. Our Manufacturing Industry Leaders Forum (ILF) provides sector leaders with a platform to tackle pressing questions related to workforce needs and supply chain disruptions, discuss ways to capitalize on regional opportunities, and strategize on how to best address widespread industrial pain points.

NYS Manufacturing by the Numbers

New York State's manufacturing industry is indeed a heavyweight, contributing $75 billion in goods produced, $69 billion in goods exported, and providing jobs for 419,000 individuals.

We joined forces with The Business Council of New York State during Manufacturing Week to spotlight the companies propelling our economy forward, including BNP member Mentholatum who led us on a tour of their Orchard Park facility.

Mentholatum has manufactured non-prescription pharmaceutical and healthcare products in our region for more than a hundred years.

Manufacturing Career Pathways

Companies like Moog, Zehnder Rittling, Sealing Devices, and Tapecon are leading the way for the future of our region's manufacturing workforce, partnering with Employ Buffalo Niagara to create sustainable solutions for barriers to employment. Learn more about the work of our Career Pathways program and partners here.

During Manufacturing Week and beyond, we acknowledge the impact of the manufacturing sector on Buffalo Niagara's economy. From embracing innovation to supporting career development, this celebration highlights the significance of the sector in our region. It is a time to recognize our region's history, celebrate the present, and prepare for a future where manufacturing remains the bedrock of our economy.

For more information and resources related to Manufacturing Week, visit the Business Council's Manufacturing Week Bus Tour.

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