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BNP Advocacy Insider – January 2022

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January 12, 2022

Hochul Releases Executive Budget

Governor Kathy Hochul has released her first Executive Budget proposal, starting several weeks of negotiation between her administration and the State Legislature.  Read our Action Alert here.

Session Preview: What We're Watching

The New York State Legislature just returned to Albany to kick off its 2022 legislative session. There is no shortage of issues to address, and Governor Hochul’s preparation for the gubernatorial primary is sure to color the session. The BNP compiled a list of eleven issues we are tracking this session, available here.

SCOTUS Blocks Vax-or-Test Rule

The Supreme Court halted President Biden's requirement that employees at large employers be vaccinated or test weekly. The decision comes just days after OSHA began enforcing the rule. The court did not believe OSHA had authority to implement the measure without an act of Congress. Learn more on our blog. 

Hochul Delivers State of the State

On January 5, Governor Hochul delivered her first State of the State address. In the speech, she discussed the challenges the state faces and outlined her agenda to address them this year.

To learn more about the Governor’s plans, visit our blog.

Brownfield Program Has Major Benefits for Region

The BNP recently released a report analyzing the impact the state’s Brownfield Cleanup Program has had on Western New York. The report also analyzes some signature projects that were made possible by the program. The report is available here.

Two BNP members (Savarino Companies and Turnkey Environmental Restoration) recently co-authored an article in the Buffalo News about the importance of the BCP. Read their piece here.

As the state legislature reconvenes, the BNP is urging lawmakers to renew the program beyond 2022.

Hochul Extends Statewide Mask Mandate to Feb. 1

As part of her “Winter Surge 2.0” plan, Governor Hochul announced she would extend the state’s indoor mask mandate through February 1. The mandate was originally supposed to expire January 15, but Hochul cited spiking case numbers as justification to extend it.

Take Action: Tell NYS to Prevent UI Rate Hikes

Because of New York’s outstanding debt to the federal government, the state may soon raise UI rates on employers. The BNP has been sounding the alarm on this issue for months, but state leaders have not yet taken action. Use our one-click tool to tell Governor Hochul that she must act to prevent rate hikes on NYS employers.

NYS Legislature to Draw New District Lines

The New York State Independent Redistricting Commission has failed to reach consensus on legislative district maps – for the House of Representatives and NYS Legislature - for the next decade. Because of the impasse, the maps will be drawn instead by the state legislature, adding a political component to map creation that the Independent Redistricting Commission was supposed to avoid.

The impact will be consequential both nationally and locally. Because population decline cost New York a Congressional seat, maps may be drawn more favorably to downstate – the home of most of New York’s state legislature. At the state level, Senate and Assembly districts are expected to be drawn in a way that ensures safe Democratic veto-proof supermajorities in both chambers.

Upstate United Releases 2022 Advocacy Agenda

BNP partner organization Upstate United recently released its 2022 Advocacy Agenda. UU joins the BNP in advocating for many issues, including UI rate increase protection, employer-led workforce development initiatives, and extending the Brownfield Cleanup Program. Learn more here.

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