1.11.21 COVID-19 Bulletin: NYS State of the State

NYS State of the State. The impact of COVID-19 dominated New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address today.  In his remarks the Governor outlined in broad stokes a plan to defeat the pandemic, vaccinate all New Yorkers, address the state’s short-term economic crisis, and prepare for the state’s long-term economic resurgence. 

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12.28 COVID-19 Bulletin: Trump Signs Relief Package

President Trump Signs COVID-19 relief package. President Trump has signed the COVID-19 relief package passed by Congress last week.  The President’s signature comes after he criticized the package after its passage telling Congress to send him new legislation. Trump also signed an annual spending bill averting a government shutdown in

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12.21.20 Covid Bulletin

12.21 COVID-19 Bulletin: Federal Relief Package Details

Congressional leaders have agreed on a new COVID-19 relief package. The Senate and House are planning to pass the measure later today.  President Trump is then expected to sign the legislation as part of an overall spending plan to keep the federal government running into the new year.  The relief

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12.14 COVID-19 Bulletin: More of Niagara County Moves to Yellow Zone

Governor Cuomo Announced Today That More of Niagara County Moves to Yellow Zone   Governor Cuomo announced today that a larger section of Niagara County is now designated as a Yellow Zone as part of the state’s Cluster Action Initiative.  These designations require certain activities and operations to stop or scale down until further notice. The expanded Yellow Zone in Niagara County now

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12.11 COVID-19 Bulletin: Gyms & Salons Can Reopen; New Zone Designations Coming Monday 

Governor Cuomo Announced Today Gyms & Salons Can Reopen; New Zone Designations Coming Monday  The Governor provided more details on New York’s COVID-19 Winter Plan today.  The Governor said new Red, Orange, and Yellow Zone designations will be announced this coming Monday following the most recent review of data over the weekend.    He also announced: 

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11.30 covid bulletin

11.30 COVID-19 Bulletin: Governor Announces New COVID-19 Response Plan

Governor Cuomo announced today New York’s revised strategy to deal with the next phase of COVID-19 infection. The strategy calls for: Linking key hospital data to the state’s existing Red, Orange, and Yellow Zone designations. The goal is to better manage the state’s hospital capacity which is being tested given

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11.18 COVID-19 Bulletin: Erie County Areas Moved to Orange Zones

Erie County Areas Move to Orange Zones  Governor Cuomo announced today that several municipalities within Erie County are now designated as Orange Zones as part of the state’s Cluster Action Initiative.  These designations require certain activities and operations to stop or scale down until further notice.  Other municipalities in Erie and Niagara counties have been designated as Yellow Zones. 

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11/17 Webisode: New Guidelines for Out-of-State Travelers

New Guidelines for Out-of-State Travelers NYS has changed protocols for people traveling to New York including state residents. The new mandate was issued as part of an executive order by Governor Cuomo and allows people to test-out of quarantine. Join the Buffalo Niagara Partnership as we break down the new

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11.9 COVID-19 Bulletin: Erie County Areas Labeled Microcluster Yellow Zone

Erie County Areas Labeled Microcluster Yellow Zone  WNY took a step backward today in our collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Governor Cuomo has announced that several municipalities within Erie County are a part of the state’s Cluster Action Initiative.    The following Erie County municipalities have been designated as Yellow Zones: Amherst  Aurora  Buffalo  Cheektowaga 

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Bulletin - Traveler Updates

11.3 COVID-19 Bulletin: New Guidelines for Out-of-State Travelers

In an Executive Order issued over the weekend, Governor Cuomo announced new quarantine mandates for those traveling to New York State, including state residents. In comparison to the previous restriction which mandated a two week quarantine for those traveling from states experiencing high COVID-19 cases as identified on a fluid

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