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BNP Advocacy Insider – March 2022

March 3, 2022

Advocacy Insider - March 2022

Hochul Proposal Could Cost Businesses $800 Million 

In her Executive Budget proposal, Gov. Kathy Hochul included an Extended Producer Responsibility Program, which would force manufacturers to finance the cost of recycling packaging material. It is estimated that this proposal would add $800 million in direct costs onto producers, and would increase the cost of a basket of goods 4-6%.  

To help you understand how this monumental proposal would impact our state, the BNP is hosting a Capital Conversation featuring a panel of industry experts. Register for this important event today and join us on March 17.  

New Report: Single-Payer Implementation would be Largest Tax Hike Ever 

A new report from the Empire Center for Public Policy details how costly a single-payer healthcare system would be in New York. A single-payer system would require unprecedented increases in income and payroll taxes. Doing so would make New York an outlier in state tax burden, creating clear incentives for tax outmigration and eroding the tax base needed to finance the system. 

Read the full report here. 

New York Seeking Comments on Climate Plan 

New York’s Climate Action Council recently released its Draft Scoping Plan, which will shape energy and climate policy for a generation. The Plan would have wide ranging implications for every business and resident in New York, and a summary is available here.  

One impactful piece of the plan is a carbon pricing proposal, which would add significant costs onto businesses. Learn more about how this would work on our blog.  

With one month remaining in the Public Comment Period, it is imperative that employers weigh in on this proposal. Tell state leaders how this Plan would impact you using our one-click tool here.   

Ukraine Situation Captures Global Attention 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has captured the world’s attention. The conflict may bring unexpected economic and security challenges to employers around the globe. To prepare for these challenges, use the BNP’s guide to employer considerations during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.  

Biden Outlines 2022 Agenda 

In his State of the Union Address, President Joe Biden described the challenges the U.S. currently faces and outlined his agenda to address those challenges. His speech largely focused on Ukraine, infrastructure, COVID-19, and inflation, but it contained plenty that employers should be aware of. Read our main takeaways here 

Calls Grow for State Action on Unemployment Insurance 

The BNP’s Grant Loomis recently spoke to the Buffalo News about the looming UI premium increases that will happen if New York State fails to act soon. The News’ article explaining how this crisis happened, what impact it would have, and how the state could prevent it is available here. 

The BNP recently joined 51 organizations across New York in calling for state action to address this crisis. Read the letter here.  

To contact state lawmakers directly about this issue, use our one-click advocacy tool here 

Brownfield Fee Could Tarnish Renewal Effort 

Governor Kathy Hochul’s Executive Budget proposal included a 10-year extension of the Brownfield Cleanup Program, a decision for which the BNP advocated. However, the proposal contained a new $50,000 application fee, which would deter any use of this program in our region. The BNP explained to Governor Hochul that this fee was unacceptable, but it remained in the proposal after she released amendments to her budget.  

Recently, the Buffalo News released an editorial urging the Governor to remove this fee, which you can read here. The BNP continues to urge lawmakers to remove this fee as they renew the BCP.