Biden Releases Infrastructure Plan Square

Biden Releases Infrastructure Plan

President Biden has committed to passing a federal infrastructure package. This week, the White House released details on what the President wants that package to include. An infrastructure investment has the potential to equip America with safer roads, bridges, and pipes, more efficient public transit systems, universal broadband, and many

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BNP Advocacy Insider – April 2021

  NYS Budget Finalized State lawmakers and Governor Cuomo have agreed to a new state budget for FY 2022.  Highlights of the $212 billion spending plan include significant tax increases, the legalization of mobile sports wagering, relief for small businesses harmed by COVID-19, a fund for cash payments to undocumented immigrants who

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BNP Advocacy Alert – NYS Budget Update

  Advocacy Alert:  NYS Budget Finalized  Governor Cuomo and members of the State Legislature have agreed on a new state budget for FY 2022.  The $212 billion spending plan includes, among many other provisions, tax increases, a grant program focused on businesses most impacted by COVID-19, and the legalization mobile sports betting.  The budget allocates

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BNP Advocacy Alert – NYS to Legalize Cannabis

  NYS to Legalize Cannabis  After years of fits and starts, New York State leaders have agreed on how to legalize the adult use of cannabis for those 21 and over.  The Legislature is set to officially vote on the legislation in the coming days.  New York is following the lead

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365 Days BN Manufacturers

Buffalo Niagara Manufacturers: 365 Days Without a Shut Down

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything the modern workforce has experienced. Buffalo Niagara’s manufacturing sector, and its dedicated employees, have worked through unprecedented challenges while most of our community’s daily functions shut down. Their innovative safety protocols and due diligence are helping to keep us safe, limiting the spread of

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BNP Advocacy Insider – March 2021

  NYS Budget Watch  The New York State Legislature and Governor Cuomo have less than 30 days to strike an on-time budget agreement.  The sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo and the resulting Attorney General’s investigation, along with the debate over the Governor’s expanded authority because of the pandemic, will only complicate budget negotiations.  The BNP has made clear where we stand

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Governor Cuomo Releases State Budget Proposal

Governor Cuomo unveiled his 2021-22 Executive Budget proposal today.  As he has for months, the Governor called on Washington, DC to fill New York’s $15 billion budget gap because of COVID-19. Cuomo is advancing two budget plans given the uncertainty of federal funding to NYS.  In his COVID-19 response plan, President-elect

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State Budget Includes New Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

UPDATE: 10/20/20 NYS Paid Sick Leave Program – The DOL has finally released official guidance and an FAQ doc to provide more clarity on the new mandate. New York State’s new paid sick leave program begins January 1, 2021, but employers were required to start to accruing time for employees

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BNP NYS Budget Passes Amid Pandemic

New State Budget Passes Amid Pandemic

In unprecedented times, as the state continues to roil from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor and State Legislature did enact a new state budget for FY2021.  Given the events swirling around us, the fact that the budget was passed after the April first deadline seemed inconsequential. However, there are

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Legislation Encouraging More Strikes Deserves Governor’s Veto

Legislation Would Give Unemployment to Striking Workers After Only One Week After passing both the State Senate and Assembly in the 2019-2020 legislative session, a piece of legislation is awaiting Governor Cuomo’s approval to allow striking workers to receive unemployment benefits after only seven days. Simply put, this legislation will

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