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Are you sure your human resource policies and benefits are valuable to all of your employees?

Employ Buffalo Niagara’s HR Toolkit is a go-to source of vetted HR policies that are designed to retain employees and help them advance in your company. Now you can ensure your company’s practices  and offerings match your employees’ needs as closely as possible with this easy-to-use interactive tool.

What is the HR Toolkit?

The HR Toolkit is an online tool you can access anytime to make sure your HR policies and benefits are valuable to all your employees. Simply select the criteria for your workplace concern, and the toolkit
will match you with a series of HR policies and assistance recommendations designed to:

• Support the advancement of the underemployed.
• Promote the building of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.
• Align company culture goals with human resource practices.

What will the HR Toolkit do for you?

The HR Toolkit will help you:

• Identify solutions to existing challenges based on the industry sector and work type.
• Deploy new HR policies using vetted sample documents.
• Ensure equitable use of and access to available benefits and programs.

Getting Started

Access the HR Toolkit below and discover what offerings match your employees' needs today.

Submit your business' employment situation, and the toolkit will match you with a series of HR policies and assistance recommendations that ensure equitable use across all levels of employees.

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