Tips for sales presentations and closing

Joe Morone, co-founder and B2B tech sales researcher & strategist  |  Worldleaders, Inc. Learning how to close a sale and produce a win for your organization is one of the coveted skills of a successful salesperson. It’s what ultimately separate those that spend 2-3 years in the career before dropping

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Member Expertise - Sales Dynamo

Double Your Conversions, Not Your Leads

It’s All About The Numbers The cost of acquiring one new customer is, on average, 65% of the initial spend. Consider the promotional items, salaries in marketing and sales, expenses, and divide it by number of closed new customers. WOW! The market is demanding more customization to their needs, and

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Member Expertise - BNSME

The Secret to Successful Networking

Written By: Joe Leary – VP Membership, BNSME & Coach, Teacher, Speaker at The John Maxwell Group There are a lot of theories about networking, and most of them focus on how or what you need to do.  Knowing how to network will not make you successful. The secret is

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A New Philosophy About Sales

Written By: Greg Winteregg, CEO Matterhorn Business Development What’s the Problem? Isn’t it curious that you see an advertisement promoting a new business opportunity with the statement “No Selling Involved”?  It makes about as much sense as trying to start a boat dealership in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

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Staff Spotlight: Molly McGowan

This month, Molly is celebrating her 7 year anniversary working at The Partnership! As Manager of New Business Development, Molly shares information with the WNY business community about the work we do at the Partnership and grows membership. Learn more about Molly here and check out her Q & A below:

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BN360 Spotlight Jason Denue

BN360 Spotlight Blog: Keep Doing the Homework

Soon after I started my career, my uncle gave me some advice: “Keep doing the homework.” This is the last thing I, or any recent college grad wanted to hear. Soon after starting my new job this advice began to make more sense. While college taught me the basics to

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