Staff Spotlight: Molly McGowan

This month, Molly is celebrating her 7 year anniversary working at The Partnership! As Manager of New Business Development, Molly shares information with the WNY business community about the work we do at the Partnership and grows membership. Learn more about Molly here and check out her Q & A below:

BN360 Spotlight Jason Denue

BN360 Spotlight Blog: Keep Doing the Homework

Soon after I started my career, my uncle gave me some advice: “Keep doing the homework.” This is the last thing I, or any recent college grad wanted to hear. Soon after starting my new job this advice began to make more sense. While college taught me the basics to prepare for my career, there was still a steep learning curve I needed to overcome. What my uncle was really telling me was to invest time into continued learning so I could position myself for future growth.