Leader Exchange

Leader Exchange

Personalized Leadership Development

Leader Exchange program is a unique, peer-to-peer program designed for developing leaders who have an interest in honing their skills and learning how to navigate business and industry in Buffalo Niagara.

Accepting applications for the Exchange Programs! Demand is high.

Exchange meetings are virtual in April, May and June. Join us.

Eligibility requirements:

  • A minimum of seven years of business, industry or professional experience
  • Must have at least one direct report
  • A commitment, on the part of management, in the candidate’s professional development

Advantages Over Other Programs


A 10-month program offered for only $1,250 – a fraction of the cost of other leadership development programs. The combination of confidentiality, convenience, and a customized approach make Leader Exchange the best value for Partnership members.

Personalized & Facilitated

Work with a group of professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds, selected to match your needs. Experienced facilitators customize the program to your group.

Members Only

This is an exclusive program for Partnership members with complete confidentiality.


The program is designed to fit your schedule, meeting once a month from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the comfort of Partnership offices or a participating members’ place of business.


The program focuses on specific goals, objectives and challenges of today’s developing leaders.


All Leader Exchange members receive a complimentary assessment. This will serve as a guide to individual plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Leader Exchange Program is a component of our Executive Exchange Program, designed as a unique peer-to-peer, leadership development program intended specifically for developing leaders. The Partnership developed Leader Exchange for professionals with a minimum of 7 years experience who want to hone their skills and learn how to navigate the business environment in Buffalo Niagara.

Leader Exchange is a members-only program and is professionally facilitated with complete confidentiality. Participants join a small group of emerging leaders from diverse industries and backgrounds. An experienced facilitator customizes the program to focus on specific group goals, objectives, and challenges.

Leader Exchange groups are comprised of 10 to 15 participants who meet monthly from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on a designated week day in the comfort of Partnership offices or participating members place of business. Groups are formed specifically for the developing leaders attending and customized by the group facilitator based on their specific needs.

New or developing leaders who are highly motivated and seek to grow as leaders and earn promotion within their company. Examples include Project Managers, Facilities Managers, IT Managers, Associates, Commercial Bankers, Brand Development Specialists, Development Directors, Supervisors, Managers, and Vice Presidents, to name a few.

A diverse range of participants sets Leader Exchange apart from other programs. Each applicant is hand placed into a group to ensure a diverse set of industry representatives.

The 10-month program (groups do not meet in July and August) is available to Partnership members for just $1,250, a fraction of the cost of similar leadership programs. Participants can renew on a yearly basis.

Please call today or fill out the form above so we can give you more information on pricing, availability, and how you can get involved. Contact Molly McGowan at (716) 541-1703.

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