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Solution Focused Coaching – Stop The “Why”


‘Why’ is an instinctive question. Asked hundreds of times every day in organizations, and much of it is helpful. It is important to understand why a manufacturing process has failed, why a car broke down or why your fire alarm went off. It can be enlightening to see why people behave a certain way.

Exercising Your Networking Muscles

Author: Kayla E. Klos, Counsel at Harter Secrest & Emery

There are many guides, tips and tricks available on how to network successfully at various types of events. Networking . . . just mentioning it can illicit many different negative responses including fear, anxiety or stress. I know that it is “good” for me and that it is the “right” thing to do for both my personal and professional development. Of course, that makes it sound more like exercise than anything else. And like exercise, you can’t just do it occasionally and expect meaningful results. It takes practice, learning and even failure at times to figure out what works for you. It also includes finding common ground with others to successfully network in the first place.

BN360 Young Professionals Week roundup

More young professionals are recognizing the value in engaging in community activities and networking with others to create strong relationships, seek out job leads, and career advice.

BN360 Spotlight Professionals

Since 2008, the Partnership’s young professionals program, Buffalo Niagara 360 (BN360), has served as the region’s premier young professionals program.