Networking: Taking the First Step with BN360

As a young professional, hearing the word “networking” could very well invoke nervousness or uncertainty. We understand that knowing the right people and making connections can lead to great things yet we may not know where we can begin. Buffalo Niagara 360 (BN360) is the answer.

Business networking has been a tenet of focus for BN360 and continues to be the strongest pillar as we begin our eighth season. Each event opens a door for building lasting relationships with other professionals in the region and helps you connect with the right people.

BN360 Spotlight Series: Buffalo’s still talking proud

For as long as I can remember, the Buffalo Niagara Region has faced a lot of negative publicity on a national stage.

As a rust belt region, we’ve felt the effects of a population decline and job losses; add to that several “almost” sports championships and this bizarre notion that we have snow on the ground year round, and Buffalo becomes a place that few people want to visit.