Partnership’s annual Member Pulse Report identifies concerns of Buffalo Niagara employers

A clear majority of Buffalo Niagara Partnership members think New York State is becoming less business friendly. That is just one of the highlights of the Partnership’s annual Member Pulse Report which summarizes the findings of the regional chamber of commerce’s membership survey for 2019.

The Partnership surveys its membership every year to identify pain points, areas of concern, and obstacles to growth.

“The number of Partnership members who believe New York State is becoming less business friendly has jumped 32 percent over the last two years,” said Dottie Gallagher, the Partnership’s President and CEO. “This should not be a surprise given the wave of new regulations coming out of Albany. The Governor and lawmakers must focus on making New York a more competitive place to do businesses instead of discouraging job growth and private investment with onerous and expensive mandates.”

Once again this year, Partnership members identified difficulty finding and retaining qualified talent as their number one concern. Nearly 60% of survey respondents identified workforce development as an immediate pain point. That number has grown by 20 points over the last two years. Sixty-five percent of survey respondents struggle to achieve a diverse workforce. This number has grown steadily since the Partnership started asking this question three years ago.

The Partnership’s Member Pulse Report also summarizes findings about hiring and growth by area employers, healthcare costs, the impact of President Trump’s trade policies, and the cross-border economy with Canada.

To read the complete report and download your own copy, click here.


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