Associate Memberships

The Partnership has entered into strategic agreements with two Southern Ontario Chambers of Commerce: the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce.  As a member of the Partnership, these agreements provide you with a reciprocal associate membership with both the Hamilton and Greater Niagara Chambers at no additional cost to you.

As an associate member of the Hamilton and Greater Niagara Chambers, you will have access to events, business networking, and cross-border news.  These agreements give you the opportunity to collaborate with a wider network of business professionals across the border.

You will now receive the following:

  • Access to Hamilton and Greater Niagara events and programs at member pricing
  • A quarterly newsletter including  details on events, important cross-border policy updates and expert blog posts targeting cross-border business
  • Opportunities to highlight your company’s brand in Southern Ontario

Cross-Border Business Network (Launching Soon)

For people and businesses that are seeking to expand their reach, the Cross-Border Business Network is an online directory where companies can broaden their network and deliver products and services beyond their home market. This platform brings the Western New York and Southern Ontario markets together, allowing subscribers to list their goods and services and describe which partner services they are seeking, providing direct access to companies in either Canada or the US.

About the CanAm Council

The CanAm Council is a cross-industry collaboration of business leaders focused on developing our region’s bi-national economy. The Council seeks to eliminate barriers related to the international border and strengthen ties with the Southern Ontario business community to further develop our bi-national economy.

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