2018-2019 Annual Report to Members

Meeting the most pressing needs of our members.

The Buffalo Niagara region is on the cusp of a sustained resurgence. As the regional chamber of commerce and privately funded economic development organization, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership is proud to have played an important role in helping to bring about the region’s renaissance.

The Partnership’s work is critical to ensuring that our region continues to strengthen and grow. We are grateful to our members for their generous investment and support.

As the Partnership presents its 2018-2019 Annual Report to Members, we are looking ahead to the future and evolving to meet the most pressing needs of our members. We remain committed to our mission to grow private investment and jobs in the Buffalo Niagara region and we look forward to continuing this important work. Thank you for your support.


Arthur G. Wingerter
Chairman of the Board
Buffalo Niagara Partnership

Univera Healthcare

Dottie Gallagher
President & CEO
Buffalo Niagara Partnership

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