BN360 & Niagara USA

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership and the Niagara USA Chamber are expanding young professional development opportunities across the Buffalo Niagara region.  

Niagara USA Chamber members and their employees are now eligible to participate in the Partnership’s BN360 program, at Partnership prices, expanding the reach and commitment of the region’s premier young professional development and engagement program.  

BN360 creates an inclusive and collaborative network of resources where talented individuals can achieve their goals for personal growth and success. As a workforce development initiative, BN360 serves as the best recruitment and retention tool for employers throughout the Buffalo Niagara region. 

Small investment, big returns! 

Individual membership: 

Enables a young professional who is an employee of a Niagara USA Chamber member to enjoy an entire year of BN360 programming and events for only $50. 

Corporate membership:  

Niagara USA Chamber members can join BN360 as Corporate Members, providing all of employees between the ages of 21 and 40 with access to the BN360 program for one year. Costs vary depending upon company size:  

  • $500: between 1 and 50 total employees  
  • $750: between 51 and 99 total employees  
  • $1,000: more than 100 total employees