Diversity & Inclusion Executive Exchange

Thinking Differently about Leadership

With the changing trends in our environment and workplace, the Diversity & Inclusion Executive Exchange provides a forum for leaders to collaboratively share skills and strategies to reshape business practices. This unique and practical program is designed specifically for diversity and inclusion officers and senior leaders with the highest level of responsibility for implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Join the conversation and “exchange ideas” about inclusive leadership skills and strategies for addressing today’s diverse work environment.

Now accepting applications for the January 2021 class. Hurry, limited to 15 seats! Application below.

Enhance Your Talent Retention and Recruitment

Now is the time to elevate your diversity and inclusion practices and to share and learn from your peers in Buffalo Niagara. This is your opportunity to challenge assumptions and practices, test new ideas, and retain valuable feedback from your peers. Strategies implemented will create a foundation for improved recruitment, development and retention of talent. This forum will help you create a more competitive advantage, execute your diversity and inclusion strategies, and achieve your business and organizational goals more effectively.

Advantages Over Other Programs

Exceptional Value

A 10-month program offered for only $1,500 – a fraction of the cost of other leadership development programs. The combination of confidentiality, convenience, and a customized approach make Diversity and Inclusion Executive Exchange the best value for Partnership members.

Personalized & Facilitated

Professional facilitation and industry exclusivity allow for confidential, sensitive discussions around challenges and initiatives in a safe space to openly discuss new ideas.

Members Only

This is an exclusive program for Partnership members with complete confidentiality.


The program is designed to fit your schedule, meeting once a month, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., virtually, in the comfort of Partnership offices or a participating members’ place of business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Diversity & Inclusion Executive Exchange Program is a unique, practical program designed specifically for diversity and inclusion officers and/or the senior leader with the highest level of responsibility for diversity and inclusion. Applicants should also possess a demonstrated organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives and the ability to affect or influence change regarding these initiatives within their organization.

The Diversity & Inclusion Executive Exchange is open to Partnership members only, and group sessions are professionally facilitated with complete confidentiality. Participants are matched to a small group of executives from diverse industries and backgrounds.

Experienced facilitators customize the program to give leaders in diversity and inclusion the tools they need to continue achieving their goals and objectives and overcome the unique challenges that they face.

The Exchange group includes up to 15 participants who meet monthly from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on a designated week day virtually, in the comfort of Partnership offices or participating members place of business. The groups are formed specifically for the executives attending and customized by the group facilitator based on specific needs.

Partnership representatives will assist you in selecting the best group for your particular goals and objectives based on your application.

Members must be diversity and inclusion decision makers at a private, public or not-for profit business in Buffalo Niagara. This program is ideal for leaders whose title specifically reflects diversity and inclusion, as well as those who work in fields such as Human Resources or talent management and who are responsible for diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The 10-month program (groups do not meet in July and August) is available to Partnership members for just $1,500, a fraction of the cost of similar leadership programs. Participants can renew on a yearly basis.

Please call today or fill out the form above so we can give you more information on pricing, availability, and how you can get involved. Contact Molly McGowan at (716) 541-1703.

Join the Diversity & Inclusion Executive Exchange Today

If you’d like additional information, contact Nancy McNamara, Senior Manager of Member Engagement, at (716) 541-1767.

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Expert in Residence

Sesha Yalamanchili leverages her extensive background in sales, marketing, operations, and innovation to influence organizations of every size and scope. Specializing in creating inclusive cultures, diversity training, inclusive leadership coaching, building team effectiveness, developing leaders, and coaching emerging leader. She has an inherent ability to combine the latest research and learning principles to create high-energy, engaging, collaborative, learning spaces for leaders to grow. Passionate about empowering others with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to navigate and advance in their careers, she works with business leaders to sustain long-term results. Sesha is a Certified Everything DiSC® facilitator and a Certified Professional Coach with the International Coaching Federation and the CaaP Institute Positive Psychology Coaching.