Marketing & Sponsorship

With themes ranging from pure networking to professional development to expert presentations – the Partnership hosts over 60 events each year which draw approximately 4,500 attendees and vary in size and scope.  We also reach thousands of individuals through newsletters, social media, and personal outreach throughout the year.

These events provide unprecedented access to C-level executives, government affairs professionals, elected officials, regional partners, member companies and community leaders representing all industries.

Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

Marketing through the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s various advertising vehicles enables both members and non-members to enhance their marketing programs and stand out in the business community. These opportunities offer you cost-effective approaches for business-to-business marketing that reach the intended target audience all while your business is positioned as a dedicated supporter of the Buffalo Niagara region.

Our marketing offerings vary greatly in size and scope as do the marketing needs of each individual.  Therefore, we prefer to sit down to discuss and understand your specific needs in order to develop a custom package that will help you best meet your marketing goals.

Some unique marketing opportunities are listed below.  All are customizable and are available at different sponsorship levels.

Event/Meeting Sponsorship
  • Unprecedented access to targeted audiences
Expert Forum Blog Post
  • Written by you, showcased by us – gets your voice to a new audience
Member Directory Upgrade
  • Be featured on our most popular page on the site

See which one of our many events will work to help increase the visibility of your company today.

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