How does Employ Buffalo Niagara differ from other workforce development programs?

The coalition is based on the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF) and a new employer-led approach called Talent Pipeline Management (TPM). In this approach – proven in other markets throughout the country – employers work together more directly in addressing their needs to coalition partners. We will use this process at Employ Buffalo Niagara.


What are the benefits of employers working together?

The USCCF advises that the TPM approach puts employers on the same page so they can take a more effective leadership role in working with education and workforce partners. It allows employers to speak with a common voice about their needs.


Where do education and workforce partners fit in?

Once employers have established a collaborative voice, education and workforce partners join the process to develop solutions to meet employer needs.


What about existing employer data and workforce initiatives?

The coalition will utilize existing employer groups that are already established – for example the Buffalo Niagara Manufacturing Association – or start a new initiative lead by an employer collaborative if it needs to be created for a specific industry sector. Priority will be to utilize employer groups who already meet and to engage them in the workforce discussion.


What is the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s role?

Think of the Partnership as the backbone of the Employ Buffalo Niagara structure. The Partnership aims to drive the initiative through marketing and communications, progress reports, certain fundraising efforts for the coalition, and other promotional duties.