A New Approach

Employ Buffalo Niagara utilizes a new employer-led approach to workforce development called Talent Pipeline Management (TPM). In this approach – promoted by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF) – employers work together more directly in addressing their needs to coalition partners.

Utilizing Talent Pipeline Management

Education and workforce systems in the United States are failing to keep pace with the changing needs of the economy.  Employers are struggling to find skilled workers who can contribute to their companies’ growth and success. TPM offers a collaborative solution.

TPM is a workforce strategy for our time that can meet the needs of today’s business environment.  Employ Buffalo Niagara will utilize TMP to:

  • Work collectively with employer leadership to engage key institutions and partners that can help in developing a stronger talent pipeline for the region.
  • Engage business leaders who play an essential role in the development and maintenance of the region’s talent pipeline.
  • Bridge the skills gap as a collective response; there is no one employer that can solve this challenge alone.
  • Enable business leaders to partner and collaborate in different and new ways with educational institutions and community-based organizations in order to build the skilled workforce that Buffalo Niagara needs in the 21st century.

TPM Means More Collaboration

Ultimately, the industry shares its workforce and in turn collectively shares the responsibility for developing the necessary talent to ensure competitiveness of individual businesses and the region as a whole. As we address the skills gap for industry, we also ensure that residents of the Western new York share in its economic prosperity.

By extending lessons learned from innovations in supply chain management, the TMP process calls for employers to play a new and expanded leadership role as “end-customers” of education and workforce partnerships. From there, employers can proactively organize and manage talent supply chain partnerships with measures and incentives tied to performance.

Implementing TPM in Buffalo Niagara

Employ Buffalo Niagara will utilize the TPM process to model a new way to meet workforce needs of local employers, beginning with those in the manufacturing sector.  Bringing employers in this sector together to determine competencies and credentials for job openings in core business functions is the first step.

A series of strategies with accompanying performance measures will be developed for each of the following four focus areas.

  • Realigning Education and Training
  • Creating a More Inclusive Workforce
  • Higher Skilled Employment Opportunities
  • Opportunities for those looking to build a career

Employ Buffalo Niagara will work with key partners on each of these strategies ensuring the process and initiative remains employer led.

Ultimately, Employ Buffalo Niagara will:

  • Improve employer access to a qualified pool of diverse candidates
  • Shorten the hiring time for employers
  • Increase efficiency in the workforce development delivery system.