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Industry Overview

Buffalo Niagara’s logistics industry and transportation infrastructure function as the backbone of our economy. With a unique location at the international border of the world’s two largest trade partners, Buffalo Niagara has the opportunity to grow as a hub of business and commerce.  Our Logistics and Transportation council seeks to capitalize upon this position through smart infrastructure investments and logistics expansion that can leverage the more than $80 billion in freight that annually crosses our roads and rail.

Council Overview

The Logistics & Transportation Council is a group of regional experts and practitioners in policy, projects and initiatives related to Buffalo Niagara’s freight industries and transportation infrastructure.  The Council seeks to establish a Buffalo Niagara region comprised of a diverse, interconnected, multi-modal transportation system that efficiently moves people and freight throughout, as well as into and out of, the region.

Our mission includes:
  • Establish a region in which the workforce can effectively connect to employment opportunities
  • Improve and expand the region’s multi-modal transportation system
  • Leverage Buffalo Niagara’s unique position as an international border region for freight and logistics
Top Initiatives for 2018:
  • Push for an adequate and dedicated source of funding to support transportation infrastructure projects aimed at fixing and maintaining our nation’s crumbling highways, roads, bridges and public transit systems
  • Implement border efficiency measures to better move goods and people across Buffalo Niagara’s international border crossings, including:
    • Mandatory filing of e-manifests for empty trucks
    • Electronic or pre-payment of all fees at northern border crossings
  • Support extension of the NFTA Metro Rail to the north and south to better connect people to jobs and stimulate new redevelopment opportunities.
    • Canalside/Cobblestone Corridor:
      • Federal TIGER funding award to match existing state allocations for the southern extension and redevelopment of the former DL&W Terminal.
    • Amherst Corridor:
      • State appropriation of local funding match to meet federal capital investment grant requirements

Best Practices & Learning

  • Logistics practices and trends in Southern Ontario

Initiative Engagement

  • 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan
  • Input into significant infrastructure investment projects throughout Western New York

Tour Series

  • Insider tours of unique sites important to the region’s logistics & transportation industry
Council Leaders
Partnership Staff

Michael E. Leydecker
Council Chair
Wendel Companies

Grant Loomis
Vice President, Government Affairs

Council Members

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