About The Buffalo Niagara Region

MegaRegionMapBuffalo Niagara’s location is the key to the workings of the largest international Mega-Region between the US and Canada. Our region is strategically located within 500 miles/800 km of 40% of the U.S. population. Our international border makes our region a bi-national gateway for commerce, facilitating $85 billion in annual trade between Canada and the United States.  Our two countries are the world’s largest trading partner and our neighbor, Toronto, is their economic center.

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is strengthening the footprint of our international region.  In 2017, we signed an agreement with the Chambers of Commerce in the City of Hamilton and the Greater Niagara Region, Ontario, to offer reciprocal membership benefits to members of all three Chambers. Learn more about the agreement here.

Western New York, specifically Buffalo Niagara, is a region that is deeply rooted in history, yet moving quickly towards a dynamic future.  Buffalo Niagara offers residents and visitors a balance between the amenities that large cities offer, without the stresses of high costs, heavy traffic, long commutes and/or overcrowding.

Download Invest Buffalo Niagara’s map to start exploring the region, and contact Visit Buffalo Niagara for more details about how to live, work and play in the Buffalo Niagara region. Watch a great new video on America’s Best Designed City and visit We Make Buffalo for even more.

Much of today’s success in attracting Canadian visitors to Buffalo Niagara is a direct result of the Partnership’s sustained effort.

Steve Zenger President & CEO, Zenger Group