Office of Strategic Planning (OSP) – City of Buffalo

The Office of Strategic Planning (OSP) is the City of Buffalo’s main development office and a key component of the Planning Division responsible for:

  • Providing for the regulation and improvement of private and public development based on City and State planning and zoning legislation
  • Providing support and advising the City Planning Board, Landmark and Preservation Board, Common Council, Environmental Management Commission, Mayor, other city departments and the general public on City planning matters
  • Collecting and maintaining a comprehensive database for planning, program management and evaluation
  • Planning for development within the City as a whole

The OSP works closely with organizations such as the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (BURA), the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, local, state and federal partners in economic development, the City’s Environmental Division, and other agencies involved in planning, redevelopment and development in Buffalo.

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The Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (BURA)

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