Niagara Falls Bridge Commission (NFBC)

The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission – equally represented by Canada and the U.S. on the NFBC Board of Commissioners – was initially established to finance, construct and operate the Rainbow Bridge. Eventually, the Commission assumed responsibilities for the Whirlpool Rapids (Lower) and Lewiston-Queenston Bridges. The NFBC builds and maintains all facilities for Customs and Immigration functions at these three bridges, on both sides of the international border. NFBC is federally chartered to conduct international commercial financial transactions and issue federal (U.S.) tax-exempt bonds.

Several new programs and construction projects were recently announced by the NFBC that will help its international bridges become more efficient. These include:

  • Installation of a second primary inspection lane within the Canada plaza at the Whirlpool-Rapids International Bridge crossing
  • Renovation of an existing Canadian Plaza Rainbow Bridge Bus Inspection Facility
  • Introduction of the EZPass® Toll System at the NFBC’s three border crossings

These projects are important steps in promoting and enhancing cross border travel in the Buffalo Niagara region.

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