Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition (GLMCC)

The Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition is a collaborative initiative of Chambers of Commerce from around the Great Lakes region. Recognizing the Great Lakes region of the United States as the world’s most important economic engine – covering all or parts of twelve states and two Canadian provinces – the Coalition supports and promotes job-creating infrastructure investment and new federal policies to help drive the region’s long term economic transformation and competitiveness.

Nearly 40 coalition members represent more than 150,000 businesses and include chambers of commerce from New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario Canada

As part of this Coalition, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership is dedicated to forging a strategic partnership between the Great Lakes region and the federal government. The Coalition seeks to leverage the historic strengths of areas such as the Buffalo Niagara region in manufacturing, research and innovation to maximize investment and job creation.

The Partnership was a contributor to the development of an agenda by the GLMCC aimed at advancing American competitiveness in the region. The agenda includes five categories critical to the region’s economic future:

  • Improved transportation infrastructure
  • Efficient U.S.-Canadian border crossings
  • Highly-skilled immigration
  • Abundant and affordable base load energy
  • Plentiful and clean Great Lakes water

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