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Data Insights Transform Direct Mail

Just as data has revolutionized digital marketing- with things like personalized website content, programmatic ads, marketing automation, and retargeting – data is also breathing fresh life into a traditional marketing channel: direct mail.

Gone are the days when direct mail meant a simple mail merge and putting a stamp on the envelope. The days of stereotypical mass “junk” mail may be numbered as well.

Understanding dimensional weight pricing

Well, D-Day has arrived: this is the first work week that both FedEx and UPS will charge small package freight on the basis of dimensional weight. What this means is that cost will now be assessed on the greater of package weight or size on all shipments.

Seeing as how both FedEx and UPS announced this change in the summer, it should come as no surprise. Unfortunately, many companies that make package shipments via these small package specialists missed the announcement or somehow thought it wouldn’t apply to them.

Familiarize yourself with Scaffold Law obligations

Buffalo’s renaissance is driving an ongoing face-lift all over the city. With the tremendous amount of construction and development occurring, site owners and contractors should be familiar with the statutory liabilities imposed on them by New York’s Scaffold Law.

Whether structuring a deal, performing the work, or determining your insurance needs, understanding the special duties and obligations the Scaffold Law places on site owners and contractors is important.