Networking: Taking the First Step with BN360

As a young professional, hearing the word “networking” could very well invoke nervousness or uncertainty. We understand that knowing the right people and making connections can lead to great things yet we may not know where we can begin. Buffalo Niagara 360 (BN360) is the answer.

Business networking has been a tenet of focus for BN360 and continues to be the strongest pillar as we begin our eighth season. Each event opens a door for building lasting relationships with other professionals in the region and helps you connect with the right people.

The best way to take on building connections is to set yourself up for successful results, engage with people you meet and ask questions, and follow up with them to move the discussion forward. With 14 events this season, there are countless opportunities to meet young professionals.

BN360 member Ashleigh Berst says the program creates the prefect environment for introductions.

NYW_0020“At one program I attended, the room was buzzing with energy and following the event I met and connected with someone who led me to fulfill my career with a purpose. We continued the conversation over time and ultimately I was recruited to join his team.”

By taking the steps to better your professional development you will develop a natural approach to networking and making life-long connections.

BN360 brings you opportunities at each event throughout the season to uncover how collaboration is key to your growth. Young professionals in the network can meet, learn about one another, and create lasting relationships that affect them professionally and personally.

Julia Spitz, Spotlight Professional 2015, joined BN360 to be part of the network in order to thrive in the region. “BN360 has strengthened my network. Their events are a phenomenal way to engage with fellow young professionals while having fun and experiencing new local hotspots.”

Networking can be challenging yet rewarding. Take the first step to building your relationships by becoming a member of BN360 this season. Come with the right mindset, ask questions, and follow up. See where BN360 can take you!

To learn more about BN360 program and how you can join, please contact Lindsay Stickney at 716.541.1766


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