There’s still time to send in your nomination for 2020 BN360 Spotlight Professional

Don’t miss your chance to nominate a great young professional who deserves to be recognized. The BN360 2020 Spotlight Professional Nominations close at midnight on Friday, Oct. 11.

Each year, BN360, the young professional development and engagement program of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, asks the Buffalo Niagara community to tell us about the amazing young people they know so that we can shine the spotlight on them and their personal and professional achievements.

2019 Spotlight Professionals

A Spotlight Professional is someone who works hard every day, feels good about calling Buffalo Niagara home, and likes to use their time and talents to gives back. Everyone knows someone who deserves to be recognized for being a great person!

As you’re considering who to nominate, it’s a great opportunity to rethink the definition of “professional.” It doesn’t mean only white-collar jobs. Professionals include everyone from mechanics and medical professionals to technicians and lawyers. I’m happy to say that the nomination’s we’ve received so far have spotlighted professionals who hold a mix of job titles and who work in many different industries.

Once the nomination process concludes, we’ll select 12 Spotlight Professionals and announce them in January 2020 at the annual BN360 Kickoff. From there, we’ll spend 2020 shining the spotlight on them and their personal and professional achievements. Help us share a light on the great young people who call the “City of Good Neighbors” home.

More than 50 nominations have been received and more come in every day.  Submit your nomination today before it’s too late. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me using the information below.

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