Learning What Matters Most to Your YP Employees

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership and BN360, the Partnership’s Young Professionals program, conducted a survey over the summer of the region’s young professionals aimed at better understanding how they view the region and future career opportunities. The survey focused on what the business community and public sector can do to strengthen our region as a place where young professionals want to work and live.

“Several areas of the survey are encouraging and reaffirm our region is on the rebound, while others serve as call to action to address future concerns now,” said Dottie Gallagher-Cohen,

97% of respondents

President and CEO of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership.

The survey placed the respondents into three categories:

  • Lifelong residents of Western New York,
  • Boomerangs, those who left the area and returned, and
  • Transplants, those from outside the region who moved here.

While the majority were lifelong residents, one-in-five respondents identified themselves as a transplant – a newcomer to the region either from another state or abroad.

Four key takeaways were highlighted in the survey:

  • Over 97% of survey respondents said they would recommend the Buffalo Niagara region as a place to live, work and play.
  • The most important issues to YPs in Buffalo Niagara are community engagement/involvement, education and civic vitality.
  • 88% of YPs see themselves living in the region in 10 years, however, only 76% believe the region provides opportunities for growth in their career.
  • YPs of color in Buffalo Niagara are less likely to see themselves living in the region in 10 years. While YPs of color made up just 7% of respondents, they were four times more likely than their white peers to say they don’t see themselves in the region in 10 years. Although they universally would recommend the region, just under 60% said that they feel the region provides career growth opportunities compared with 83% of the white respondents.

BN360 YP Focus GroupGallagher-Cohen believes the information revealed by the survey is critically important in light of workforce trends happening now in Western New York. U.S. Census data shows the Buffalo Niagara region has been outpacing the nation when it comes to young professional population, adults ages 25-34, since 2012. However, trend data indicates that over the next five years the region will lose almost one percent of its YP population while the nation grows the same age group by almost four percent.

“This national trend data must be a wake-up call for employers and government leaders,” said Gallagher-Cohen. “Collectively, we are going to have to work hard to recruit and retain young professionals.”

The Partnership is inviting employers and YPs to join us as we detail the results for the YP survey on October 25, 2017 in downtown Buffalo.  This free event is being held at the Hotel Lafayette Marquis Ballroom at 391 Washington Street but registration is required.

Click here for learn how you or your employees can get involved in the Partnership’s BN360 program.


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