BN360 Spotlight Series:Creating Messages Your Audience Wants to Hear

BN360’s February Spotlight Professional is Taylor Gahagen, Marketing Manager at Pegula Sports and Entertainment.

He is an integral part of the marketing team that led the marketing and brand launch for Pegula Sports and Entertainment, One Buffalo, HARBORCENTER, (716) Food and Sport, Academy of Hockey, Buffalo Marriott HARBORCENTER, IMPACT Sports Performance, and The Rinks at HARBORCENTER. Gahagen is a Buffalo local who obtained his education at Canisius College and the State University of New York at Fredonia. Below you will find his insight into the ever-changing world that is marketing today.

Feb_spotlightInnovation and technology are changing the future of business and our day-to-day lives at a rapid pace. Businesses and consumers are adapting to these changes and it is creating new company strategies and customer shopping experiences. Marketers are faced with navigating these changes to reach targeted customers with custom messages through the most effective platforms. Consumers are getting better at filtering advertising that is not (and sometimes is) relevant to them. That is why businesses need to 1) identify who the audience is, 2) determine what platform(s) will be used to reach the audience, 3) develop individual campaigns for each audience, and 4) measure results.


Identifying who the audience is sets the stage for every other decision about how the business can effectively deliver content that customers want and need. Think about watching a TV commercial, listening to a radio ad, scrolling by a Tweet, or reading an email that is promoting a product that has nothing to do with you. Neither the business nor the customers want irrelevant messages. Businesses want to reach the right audience so that their marketing initiatives are maximized for converting prospects into customers. Likewise, customers are not looking to be bombarded with advertisements for products and services that are not of use to them. Identifying the target audience will continue to play an increasingly important role in the overall success of companies in 2016.


Understanding the audience and their consumption patterns plays a key role in developing an effective campaign. Businesses can mitigate and maximize marketing budgets in this step by comparing forecasted conversion rates for each medium. If projections show organic or paid social media advertising will yield the highest results for a generation Y audience, then businesses can forego some traditional advertising mediums that may be better fit for baby boomers. It is beneficial for consumers to have businesses better track and target customer information, so that businesses then can deliver relevant messages.


Tailoring campaigns and messages to each audience, and across each platform, is essential to achieving short and long-term sales, marketing, and branding objectives. Effective messaging will communicate benefits of the product or service and trigger want/need recognition. Once customer and business goals are aligned, customers want to easily identify the purchase action they need to take. This action can vary across all mediums; print advertisements may be more likely to list a phone number and instruct customers to “call,” whereas a social media post, which may include a shortened hyperlink to “purchase online.”


Post-mortem insights, analytics, and reports provide businesses with the feedback and results needed to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Identifying and comparing campaign strategies, objectives, and results enable businesses to make better decisions about how they reach their audiences more efficiently and effectively. Managing and understanding customer data will continue to be vital to an organization’s ability to make strategic marketing and branding decisions.

The aforementioned steps provide a framework for marketers to navigate the rapid pace of innovation and deliver messages to specific audiences. Technology is furthering businesses’ ability to reach these audiences and as marketing becomes more targeted, both consumers and companies will benefit from advertisements specific to consumers’ wants and needs

About the Author: Taylor Gahagen is the BN360’s February Spotlight Professional. Taylor is the Marketing Manager at Pegula Sports & Entertainment