P-Tech Works to Support Industry Workforce Needs

Many local manufacturing plants and employers are facing a similar challenge – they will see a significant number of retirements over the next several years.

In fact, the Labor Market Assessment (LMA) shows that there will be approximately 137,000 retirements over the next 10 years, equaling 20% of the region’s current workforce. The challenge will be finding qualified candidates for the many job openings created by these retirements.

The retirements and anticipated job growth will make the Buffalo-Niagara region an attractive region for students and job seekers to build careers.  That is why the Partnership is focused on working to make sure our educational system is aligned with job openings and employer needs. Our goal is to support the hiring requirements of our employers while making students aware of local job opportunities.

Aligning Education ptech-8

The Partnership sees great promise in the New York State P-Tech program offered in school districts across New York State including Buffalo, Lackawanna, Orchard Park and Dunkirk. P-Tech is a student focused and employer led program aimed at helping to prepare students for careers in priority industries, such as manufacturing, energy, and healthcare.

Local industries continue to advance and change quickly due to technology.  That makes it difficult for the current educational system to keep up with industry changes. P-Tech is a model that keeps students engaged and informed on career opportunities by involving local employers and communicating employment needs.

Building Awareness

Manufacturing provides many opportunities to build a career, with one of the lowest voluntary turnover rates by industry.  Programs such as P-Tech can help parents and guidance counselors encourage students to look at industries such as manufacturing, clean-tech and utilities to pursue and build a career.

Engaging Employers

ptech-6Large scale retirements as well as the potential for job growth are encouraging employers to look at programs such as P-Tech to help build and replenish their workforce.  Employers can work with program administrators to communicate the skills needed for job seekers to gain employment and grow a career.

Learn more about New York State P-Tech Programs ptech-4

Want to learn more about P-Tech? Please join us on May 5, 2017 from 8:00 am-10:00 am for an informative presentation and free breakfast.  The event will feature work from each Western New York program, including a panel of students who are currently enrolled in P-Tech as well as employers that work with P-Tech administrators.  Register here Growing Business with Local Talent.