Implementing a New Approach to Finding Talent

We are all too familiar with the talent dilemma facing our region – employers are having a tough time finding candidates and those looking for work find it difficult to connect to these local employers.  Addressing this dichotomy at a “systems level” is the purpose behind Employ Buffalo Niagara.  To do this, Employ will demonstrate a new process for sourcing talent called Talent Pipeline Management (TPM).  The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation developed this program back in 2014 and created a TPM Academy to help selected communities understand and implement this supply chain management based process.  The Buffalo Niagara Partnership was chosen for this Academy and just completed the second learning session in Washington, DC.


The first learning session focused on the first three steps in the TPM strategy:

  • Organizing Employer Collaboratives
  • Engage in Demand Planning
  • Communicate Competencies and Credential Requirements (Employ is currently at this stage.  Check out the progress on

The recent learning session provided an in-depth review of the next three strategies:

  • Analyze Talent Flows
  • Building Talent Supply Chains and Managing Performance
  • Continuous Improvement

For more information on six strategies for growing talent pipeline management.

Analyzing Talent Flows takes a deep dive into where employers find talent to uncover the “root sources” so future supply can be enhanced.  Really understanding where/who the “farm team” is for each sector is essential. We need to know where good talent comes from, assess that source’s capability to produce more candidates and enhance the pipeline to grow opportunities for all employers in the sector.  Failing to properly analyze our local talent flow will only support the status quo where employers keep pulling from each other to fill openings.

The Partnership is excited to bring this strategy home because it just makes good business sense. Learn more about our involvement with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and their Talent Pipeline Management Program: ‘Buffalo Niagara Partnership Chosen to Participate in Talent Pipeline Management Academy.’

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