Employ Buffalo Niagara Following the Road to Success

A new workforce development initiative is spreading rapidly across the country and it’s now being deployed here in Western New York. Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) applies the principles of supply chain management to talent acquisition.  Developed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and successfully implemented in Houston, Texas, TPM is at the core of Employ Buffalo Niagara – a new regional, employer-led workforce development initiative powered by the Buffalo Niagara Partnership.

More than 100 people gathered at the Marriott at HarborCenter as the Partnership walked employers through how they can get involved in Employ Buffalo Niagara.  Attendees heard directly from the creators of TPM and leaders who have deployed it with real results.

Jason Tyszko, Executive Director of the Center for Education and Workforce at U.S. Chamber of Commerce, outlined how the Talent Pipeline Management initiative works. He brings a wealth of experience to this project after overseeing the design and launch of a STEM Learning Exchange program in Illinois. One of the first markets to deploy the Talent Pipeline Management model was Houston, Texas. Peter Beard, Senior Vice President for Regional Workforce Development at the Greater Houston Partnership, explained how collaboration between private and public sector employers is key to making this approach work. Finally, Mary Margaret Hamilton, Workforce Development Advisor at Shell Oil Products Company, focused on how employers must be willing to lead in this space in order to cultivate the workforce they need to be successful in the long-term.

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