Diving Deeper in Talent Pipeline Management

Partnership director attends TPM Academy to earn certification

At the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, we always do our homework in supporting the needs of our members. In fact, when it comes to Talent Pipeline Management – TPM – we are actually going to school.

Bernie Aja, Director of Talent Pipeline Management, recently returned from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce TPM Academy, an in-person training and certification program for leaders in workforce development to learn the TPM approach. Aja attended the first of three sessions held at U.S. Chamber headquarters in Washington D.C., beginning the curriculum that will lead to certification in implementing TPM.  She was one of 30 professionals from across the country admitted to this year’s program.

“The TPM Academy brings together people from all roles – from workforce and economic development to corporate and industry organizations,” Aja explained. “It is an exceptional peer network of professionals who share the same objective – helping businesses solve their talent challenges in order to achieve strategic goals and maximize their return on investment.”

The TPM Academy curriculum provides a structured framework and guide through a six-step approach to bridging workforce gaps. Aja said the first session delved into how to orient the business community on the TPM movement that has been adopted in 33 states across the county and Canada.  Once the community is informed, employer collaboratives are organized around shared workforce needs. She noted the Pathways to Production program as a perfect example of the implementation of TPM in the Buffalo Niagara market.

An early adopter of TPM, the Partnership joined forces with several area companies to form Pathways to Production to help build a sustainable talent pool for various positions in manufacturing. These companies shared a critical pain point – they were unable to find talent with “hands-on” experience, leading to unproductive workers and high turnover.

Launched in 2019, Pathways to Production now offers an 18-week Certified Production Technician training program to build a talent pool of people with the soft skills necessary to fill open positions at the collaborative’s manufacturing companies.

Aja will attend two more sessions at the TPM Academy, in May and July, and will earn certification in TPM upon completion. The training gives the Partnership additional resources to help members create solutions that directly address the challenges they face in building talent pipelines in their industry.

If you are interested in learning more about Pathways to Production or other TPM collaboratives, contact the Partnership today.

For more specific information on TPM, please fill out our online request form.

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