Introducing Beth Guiliani Gatto, finalist for the 2021 ATHENA Leadership Award

The BNP is pleased to introduce you to the finalists who have been selected for the 2021 ATHENA® honors including the ATHENA Leadership Award® and the ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award®.  NEW THIS YEAR, we will also present the ATHENA Organizational Award® to recognize one  for-profitorganization and one non-profitorganization that inspire women in WNY to achieve their full potential. 

We will bring you profiles of each finalist in the weeks ahead, leading up to the awards event. Come back often to read the profiles and you’ll learn what it means to be an Athena. And if you’d like to attend the ATHENA Awards® Luncheon, the region’s most prestigious event dedicated to the professional accomplishments of those who work to advance women, you can get tickets here.

Meet This Week’s ATHENA Leadership Award® Finalist

Beth Guiliani Gatto
Director of Arena Operations
Buffalo Sabres/KeyBank Center 

Beth Guiliani Gatto is Director of Arena Operations for the Buffalo Sabres and KeyBank Center where she oversees a variety of operations and requirements for events at the arena including ushers, ticket takers, and other staff. With more than 20 years of experience at the arena, Beth worked as a production manager for ABC Sports before joining the Sabres and arena organization. 

Outside of her busy schedule at the arena, Beth gives back to the community through a number of volunteer activities including serving as a board member for the Niagara Wheatfield Schools Wall of Fame and Athletic Hall of Fame. 


First Job

Beth’s first job was in retail with Linens ‘N Things where she worked from the age of 16 through college when she worked summers. Her first career job after graduating from Mansfield University was with ABC Sports.  

Career Highlights

Beth notes that coordinating the World Junior Hockey Championships at the arena in Buffalo was a major accomplishment in her career, with planning that involved hosting 21 games over 10 games. Her work with ABC Sports gave her many opportunities to work major sporting events including NFL Super Bowls and Pro Bowls, as well as college football games. She also worked as a freelance management professional for the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, Sydney, Australia, and Athens, Greece.   

Best Piece of Advice Given Regarding Her Career

You can be as happy or as miserable as you choose to be.  Choose to be happy. (Given by her mom) 

Advice to Give to a Woman Just Starting in the Workplace

Believe in yourself, work hard and don’t ask anyone to do anything you’re not willing to do yourself.   

About being an ATHENA Award® Finalist

The fact that I have colleagues who believe I have the traits associated with the Athena Award is humbling.” 

On Buffalo Niagara

“My kids are both winter babies, so we actually love the winters in Buffalo.  I also love having so much of my family both immediate and extended nearby.”

Favorite Spot in Buffalo

Tappo Restaurant

Lightning Round: Added Insights
  • Guilty Pleasure: Romantic Comedies
  • My Superpower: Multi-Tasking
  • Best Describes Me: Competitive
  • Most Likely To: Cry at a movie, TV show or commercial 
  • Best At: In my house, basketball
  • If You Were a Celebrity, You’d Be: Courtney Thorne Smith
  • Most Used Emoji: Winking Eye


 Attend the ATHENA Awards® Luncheon

The ATHENA Awards® Luncheon is the region’s most prestigious event recognizing the professional accomplishments of exceptional individuals who are dedicated to the advancement of women. Be there when the winners are announced.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Register to Attend Here


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