Introducing Amanda Coniglio, finalist for the 2019 ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is pleased to introduce you to the finalists for the 2019 ATHENA Awards,® which recognize contributions made by individuals to advance the status of women in the Buffalo Niagara region.

We’ll profile each finalist in the weeks leading up to the awards ceremony luncheon on Tuesday, June 4, at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. Check back every Wednesday to meet these exceptional women and learn more about their important work in the Buffalo Niagara region.

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Meet This Week’s ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award® Finalist

Amanda Coniglio
President & CEO
Cavalry Safety and Security Services

Amanda Coniglio is president and CEO of Cavalry Safety and Security Services, headquartered in Orchard Park. Cavalry Safety & Security is a NYS Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business; Veteran Affairs Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business; and a Woman Owned Business. With her husband serving as COO, the company specializes in providing safety and security consulting services to clients in different sectors, sizes and types.

Amanda is also a part-time director of technical services at OSEA Inc. in Orchard Park, a company providing a full range of safety, environmental, and risk assessment services to various industries. Prior to her security services career, Amanda was a Military Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Army with two tours overseas. During her time in the service, she was selected to attend the highly sought-after Army Airborne School, where she earned her wings. Upon graduation from Niagara University, she was ranked in the top 4 percent of cadets in the nation.

Amanda volunteers as acting director and development director of Buffalo Peace House, a non-profit in Hamburg that provides safe shelter for asylum seekers and refugees in the Greater Buffalo area. She and her husband – with three children of their own – are also currently foster parents of two young children.

First Job

Amanda started babysitting when she was 12 and worked in the K-mart Shoe Department when she was 16. Her first job as an adult was in the United States Army.

Career Highlights

As a Military Intelligence Officer in the US Army, Amanda says she was well known as the subject matter expert on improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Her input was sought across not only her unit’s area of operations, but across the theater in Iraq. Her civilian career is an off-shoot of the skills and knowledge gained in the military, enabling her to start her own company, which has experienced incredible success over the past year.

Best Piece of Advice Given Regarding Her Career

“Don’t just sit in a meeting—contribute and speak at every meeting or engagement you attend. Show up prepared. If you don’t have anything to contribute, make sure you have a strategic question ready. And finally, have a firm handshake.”

Advice to Give to a Woman Just Starting in the Workplace

“Don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution. When a problem or challenge presents itself, don’t automatically turn to your boss, colleague, or leadership team. Take the time to evaluate the problem, research, and develop a solution or part of a solution before bringing it up the chain. This alone increases your value to a company, it makes you a team player, and is key in your professional growth.”

About being an ATHENA Award® Finalist

“I’m truly blown away and honored to be considered among these awe-inspiring women, past and present, who have been finalists and recipients. As someone who shies away from the spotlight, and often does things off the radar, I am still in shock to be have been nominated let alone be a finalist for such an incredible award.”

On Buffalo Niagara

“Buffalo is ranked the 5th best city for becoming a U.S. citizen, which brings the much-needed cultural diversity that makes our city pretty amazing. Additionally, I’m amazed by the growth and revitalization of the Buffalo Niagara region. There are so many family friendly things to do and see during all the seasons, it’s hard to be bored when you live here.”

Favorite Spot in Buffalo

“Canalside – there is so much to do there year-round.”

Lightning Round: Added Insights
  • Guilty Pleasure: “Google. I love knowing more about everything and anything.”
  • My Superpower: “I’m very adaptive. Like a chameleon, I’m always changing to fit my environment.”
  • Best Describes Me: “Small but mighty. I’m slight in stature but my power lies in my strength, intelligence, and hard-working nature.”
  • Most Likely To: “Remain calm. I have ridiculously low blood pressure. (Also, I’m most likely to use exclamation points… sometimes everything needs to be emphasized!)”
  • Best At: “Problem solving. I’m always looking at ways to overcome obstacles, increasing my knowledge and skills and putting those into action to be the solution.”


Attend the ATHENA Awards® Luncheon

The ATHENA Awards® Luncheon is the region’s most prestigious event recognizing the professional accomplishments of exceptional individuals who are dedicated to the advancement of women. Be there when the winners are announced.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Buffalo Niagara Convention Center
153 Franklin Street | Buffalo, NY 14202

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